PROG1001 Programming I Assessment 2

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PROG1001 Programming I Assessment 2SpecificationsYour task is to complete weekly activities (Topic 1 through to Topic 6) included inthe study guides and identified as “Practical Activities”. These activities rangefrom recording a screenshot of your work, to exporting archives of your game, tosubmitting a guided activity from the study guide, to providing an example toillustrate a particular concept, including an explanation in your own words. Youwill also learn to create your own scenario which you will use later in thePortfolio.The deliverables of this assignment are:1. A word document (.doc or .docx) with title page, contents, page numbers andheadings. Included in this document are various answers to activities as well asexplanations and screenshots.2. A folder (zipped for submission) with all gfar (Greenfoot archive) files which areanswers for the activities indicated throughout the study guide. These should benamed as specified through the study guide.Marking:All activities marked with a *** in Modules 1 through to Module 6 will be markedfor your Practical skills assessment. The activities will add to 15 marks.Submission:• Your zipped Practical Skills folder, named as my portfolio zip would be that this zipped Portfolio folder should include your portfolio document,named as specified in Module 1 as well as your gfar files.Student id: 23844252 name: rmaga11

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