Produce an ICT network architecture design

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ICTTEN611 – Produce an ICT network architecture design
Dashboard My courses ICTTEN611 N – 29 / Assessment Task 2: Project / Assessment Task 2: Project
Assessment Task 2: Project
Devon Technical College is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with a campus based in Western Melbourne. It offers over 40 certificate and diploma
level qualifications in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector for a large number of subject areas including business, community services, education,
information technology, health, hospitality, and many others.
Students select from one of two study shifts (morning or afternoons) to undertake study which is self-directed in nature or trainer led, and to undertake
assessments. With the self-directed courses, trainers/assessors are on hand to handle student’s queries, while other courses are trainer led.
There are currently 450 students that attend the institute across a wide range of classrooms. There are 50 staff including trainer, manager, administration, other.
Overall RTO is performing very well, and management is predicting a significant increase in student no, staff and contractor. Organisation is forecasting 100%
growth in next two years.
RTO has the following hardware and software for the network.
Windows Server 2012
Windows 10 operating system

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