process of exploring and docume ting a person’s

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I -Cat.) aqua aLlity -.) (hie( 1′ tskte vi‘4L:tta. _Iv 0 7 0,Introduction: can include definition of ACP, importance of ACP, link to metastatic cancer population, (especially in Victoria), Victoria ACTS , ,V 44.JCc’ c Advanced care planning (ACP) is a process of exploring and docume ting a person’s ‘ values, goals, and wishes in advance to allow them to determine their care after they losedecision-making capacity (Wasylynuk & Davison, 2016). According to DIngfIeld and Kayser(2017), ACP generally results in an advancedcare directive (ACD)and a medical decision maker (MOM): In Victoria, formation of an ACO and appointment of a MDM is guided by the Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act (2016) whichicame into effect in March 2012, ACP is important for alfadults with life-limiting condition. However, some people will require priority ACP initiation due to their clinical scenario. • ‘ –• • -1 ry'(, , 1 Brief case scenario, link the lung cancer progressed to metastatic to ACP. Outline what you are ‘going to discuss. Betty is a 79•year;old female diagnosed with stage 3 chromc kidney disease (CKD). Betty has been stable since her diagnosis two years ago and has been managed by her general practitioner and the multidisciplinary team at her kidney clinic. However, Betty has experienced new symptoms in the past month; including lethargy, shortness.ol breath, high blood pressure. peripheral oedema, and nausea. CKD has an unpredictable Illness trajectory marked by periods of acute deterioration, particularly In the elderly (Burns & Davenport, Z010). As Betty’s symptoms are hallmark of progressing CKD (Webster, Nagler, Morton, Si Masson, 2017), Betty should be engaged In ACP soon to :ensure her care Is reflective oilier values, goals and wishes should she lose decision-making capacity. This paper aims to explore the beriefitSand methods of ACP in relation to Betty and her family. As Betty has already appointed her daughter, Cheryl, as her MOM, this paper will then explore how Betty’s ACP is translated into an ACD. Lastly, this paper examines when Betty’s ACDshould be reviewed and under what circumstances it is activated. An Stye e %,t6 Section 1: Benefits of. ACP: link to Bens’ case and family. Can include patient centred care, There Is a growing body of literature citing the benefits of ACP for Betty and her family (Stevenson Si O’Donnell, 2015). ACP Supports Betty’s fundamental right to exercise autonomy andielf-determination over all aspects of her care (Silveira, Kim, & Lange, 2010 Aligned with the concept of person-centred !mire, the process of ACP requires ongoing4

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