procedures document for accurate trust account

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Develop a policies and procedures document for accurate trust account keeping which comply with trust account requirements, key principles of accounting and financial management, agency practice and legislative requirements.
Use the CSRE Procedure Template provided which is attached to the question and upload.
Make sure to cover and discuss: (You can use these points as headers in your policies and procedures document.)
a. Authorisations (Operating, monitoring)
b. Security arrangements (Systems design, fraud control, risk management and supervision of trust account entries and disbursements. Internal control mechanisms in system specifications)
c. Documentation of trust records and transactions
d. Discrepancies (Methods of identifying and reporting discrepancies)
e. Audit (reporting and auditing requirements of trust accounts)
f. Use of third parties and other professionals to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.
Q2. Outline the agency information technology and management systems.
Q3. What auditing and reporting requirements does an agency have?
Q4. Outline the ethical requirements of an agency.
Q5. Discuss at least two risks and the risk management strategies you could suggest in context with trust accounting and agency practice to manage those two risks.
Q6. What security requirements are required for trust accounts?
Q7. Where might you find information on agency trust accounting requirements?
Q8. Discuss the taxation and financial fees and charges associated with trust accounts.
Q9. Discuss the taxation and financial fees and charges associated with trust accounts.
Q10. Briefly explain what the purpose of a trust account is and how they are different from other agency/bank accounts?
Q11. What kinds of staff development and training can be undertaken in regards to understanding trust accounts and procedures?

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