Priority status

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1.After reassuring the patients in vehicle 1, you proceed to vehicle 2, as your partner begins to look in the nearby ditch for the driver of the motorcycle. Vehicle 2 is a minivan with extensive damage to the front passenger side. The driver of the vehicle is a 60-year-old woman who is alert and oriented. She is complaining of neck pain. She denies any loss of consciousness and says she was the only passenger in her vehicle. Your partner states that he found the motorcycle driver, who was ejected into the ditch. The patient appears to be a teenage boy who is currently unresponsive, has a weak radial pulse, and has multiple abrasions and deformities to his upper and lower extremities.
a. Based on the scene size-up characteristics, what resources do you need?
b. What priority status would be assigned to each patient? Why?
c. What would your plan be for this incident?
d. Once additional units arrive, in what order would you have the patients transported? Why?
e. Despite your arrival first on the scene, explain why you and your partner will be the last to leave.

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