presentation opportunities and possible reports

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senting your results. Any other presentation opportunities and possible reports should also be mentioned.
i. Required resources: The Protocol should include a timeline for carrying out the survey, analysis and report, preferably in Gantt Chart format. A well-constructed basic budget in spreadsheet format is also required showing details of income and expenditure on capital items, expendables, maintenance and salaries. It is not necessary to prepare this using Excel®, however. Where Excel® or other spreadsheets are used, they must be copied back into the one Word® document used for submission in the Protocol.
j. Referencing: This is a very important section as in scientific reporting all statements of fact must be sup-ported by research published in refereed (peer-reviewed) publications such as professional and scientific journals, or by the reporter’s own research. Please see the previous section on Scientific Procedures.
See the section on APPROACH in this learning guide, which gives a detailed exposition of resources. This should be read in conjunction with the section on READINGS

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