PPP Grammar Lesson Table: First Conditional Markov Processes Impact of contaminants on aquatic ecosystems An Overview of Financi…

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Assignment B – PPP Grammar Lesson Table: First Conditional
NB: Look at the model provided and make sure you understand what MFP refer to here. See Units 2 and 7. For example, in number 4 in the table below, we do NOT mean ‘What is the function of the lesson’!!!
1. What is the target form of the first conditional (both clauses)? (F)

2. What is the model sentence you will elicit to begin your presentation?

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3. What are the negative and question (interrogative) forms of your model sentence? (You might find there is more than one possibility, but you only need to show one negative and one question, then analyse the forms.)
Model sentence in negative form: Form:Model sentence in question form: Form:
4. What is the function? (M)

5. What do students need to know about the pronunciation, including sentence stress and intonation? (P) (Think only about how the model sentence would normally be said.)

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6. What is the context I will use to introduce the form? (M)

7. How will I try to elicit the first conditional from the students?

8. How will I encourage students to analyse the form (S+V, etc.) themselves rather than just telling them what it is? (F)

9. What concept questions will I ask to check students understand how the form is being used/what it means?

10. What timeline can I use to help students understand sentences such as ‘If it’s sunny tomorrow, we’ll go to the beach.’?

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11. How will I get students to practise the pronunciation?

12. What controlled practice activities will the students do?

13. What freer practice activities will the students do?

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