Postgraduate Computing

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School of Technology
Dissertation Title:
Student Name:
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Examination Board:  Postgraduate Computing
Award Title:
Presented in partial fulfilment of the assessment requirements for the above award.
This work or any part thereof has not previously been presented in any form to the University or to any other institutional body whether for assessment or for other purposes. Save for any acknowledgements, references and/or bibliographies cited in the work, I confirm that the intellectual content of the work is the result of my own efforts and of no other person.
It is acknowledged that the author of any dissertation work shall own the copyright. However, by submitting such copyright work for assessment, the author grants to the University a perpetual royalty-free licence to do all or any of those things referred to in section 16(i) of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (viz: to copy work; to issue copies to the public; to perform or show or play the work in public; to broadcast the work or to make an adaptation of the work).
Dissertation Declaration
This document must accompany all dissertation document submissions
The University considers seriously all acts of Academic Misconduct, which by definition are dishonest and in direct opposition to the values of a learning community. Misconduct may result in penalties ranging from the failure of the assessment to exclusion from the University.
Further help and guidance can be obtained from your academic tutor or from our guide on How to avoid Academic Misconduct – available at
By submitting this document for assessment you are confirming the following statements
I declare that this submission is my own work and has not been copied from someone else or commissioned to another to complete. 
Any materials used in this work (whether from published sources, the internet or elsewhere) have been fully acknowledged and referenced and are without fabrication or falsification of data.
I have adhered to relevant ethical guidelines and procedures in the completion of this assignment.
I have not allowed another student to have access to or copy from this work.
This work has not been submitted previously.
By this declaration I confirm my understanding and acceptance that –
1. The University may use this work for submission to the national plagiarism detection facility. This searches the internet and an extensive database of reference material, including other students’ work and available essay sites, to identify any duplication with the work you have submitted. Once your work has been submitted to the detection service it will be stored electronically in a database and compared against work submitted from this and other Universities. The material will be stored in this manner indefinitely.
2. In the case of project module submissions, not subject to third party confidentiality agreements, exemplars may be published by the University Learning Centre.
I have read the above, and declare that this is my work only, and it adheres to the standards above.
Signature____________________________________ Date___________________
Print Name__________________________________ Student ID_______________
o I have submitted this digitally and will provide a signed copy prior to marking.

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