perception of people in Canary Wharf

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1. What is the public perception or what are the perception of people in Canary Wharf  of Police presence on street , do they think it’s enough police  personal on street or not ??
London Canary Wharf is a driving urban hub encompassing a range of apartments and along with beautiful spaces and cafes and bars. According to the Mayors Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), and the public attitudes survey, there are different kinds of police services. The police listen to the local people and are concerned about their worries. The presence of the police is found in the street and people can rely on the police. It is also evident from the study that Police also helps to treat everyone equally and fairly, irrespective of their backgrounds. The local word office and the police also do a great job in the local area by providing different kinds of necessary services. People are also happy with the enabling process of tracking the satisfaction of the victims and the behaviour of the offices. The identification of the process of key drivers for actionable k e y the satisfaction of the people.
2.How Police presence makes people feel ?
The reliability of the police and their behaviour towards the people are always supportive. Equal services are provided to the people of society and the concept of discrimination is ignored. The significant changes in the methodology of the user satisfaction survey will also also be effective for the escalation of different services. Different kinds of miscellaneous activities are found in Canary Wharf and the police are always there to assist the common people. In spite of having a range of harassment and theft, different kinds of services are provided from the police authority of London.People are happy with the services of the police and it helps to make them feel safe while roaming around the road. The process of local decision making is also related to the The Victim care and public opinion with the development of public works dashboard are followed by the perception of the public and the satisfaction of the victim with the Metropolitan police service. The potential Flashpoint at the European social forum has demonstrated the congregations on Canary Wharf for the protest against the cancellation of highlighting for paper cleaners in the financial City. The presence of heavy police is present in the complex of cannery and the process of 150 activists are found in the lieu of a march.
3. Why Canary Wharf ?
 Canary Wharf is chosen for the overall scenario of police services. There are different crimes of harassment, miscellaneous theft and shoplifting in the place. But according to the feedback of social media, a range of services are provided to the people of society. There are 20 harassment cases, 15 miscellaneous cases and 13 shoplifting complaints in Canary Wharf and it is found from the study that Police officers are dedicated to the service of the community. The place is also chosen for understanding the benefits of Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) for understanding the level of their dedications.

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