Pain intensity

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A 16-year-old boy comes to you with a complaint of having hurt his neck. While “fooling” with some friends at the lake, he ran away from them and dove into the water to get away. The top of his head hit the bottom, and he felt a burning pain. The pain decreased as he came out of the water, but he still has a residual ache. Describe your plan for this patient (cervical fracture versus cervical sprain).
2.. A 14-year-old girl comes to you complaining of neck pain. She has long hair. She states that when she “whipped” her hair out of her eyes, which she has done many times before, she felt a sudden pain in her neck. Although the pain intensity has decreased, it is still there, and she cannot fully move her neck. Describe your assessment plan for this patient (cervical sprain versus acquired torticollis).

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