Organisational learning strategy

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King Edward VII College
Organisational learning strategy
This organisational learning Strategy sets out the learning and development strategies that will be implemented by King Edward VII College in the period 2019 to 2022. It supports the achievement of the goals set out in the company’s Business Plan. It has been developed in consultation with the company’s management and staff. It has been approved by Senior Management, who is also responsible for implementing this Strategy.
This strategy is part of the King Edward VII College’ strategic planning process. Its purpose is to link the management and staff’s learning and development activities with the company’s business needs and to establish priorities, procedures and plans for the relevant activities and resources.
Learning and development supports the achievement of the company’s strategic goals and Human Resources objectives by ensuring that management and staff have the know-how and expertise to achieve them.
King Edward VII College is committed to ongoing training, up-skilling and development of its management and staff to ensure that the company maintains its competitive edge in the marketplace. This commitment is part of the company’s long-term policy of supporting the development of staff there by enhancing the level of individual’s core workplace skills, which will be reflected in the improved performance of the whole organisation.
Communication procedures
The development and implementation of an effective evaluation system is an important element in organisational learning programs. This determines how effective the learning and development has been at enhancing individual and company performance and if the investment is justified. The information generated from the evaluation should be used to make adjustments to the program or to decide whether it should continue in its current format.
The communication and consultation process requires an initial, two-hour meeting will be held with each member of management and staff.
There would then be ongoing, weekly staff meetings to discuss the strategies and their implications.
Longer term communication will be in the form of an online newsletter or blog.
Training and education should be discussed during every employee’s annual review, carried out by their line manager. They should be asked about the learning opportunities that they have taken advantage of during the year and what they need, and plan to do, over the year to come. These sections of the review should be collated by the Human resources department to enable effective, ongoing, comparative assessment of whether King Edward VII College’ organisational learning targets are being met.
Recognising that organisational learning and development is multi-faceted, our approach will be to combine some or all of the following:
Performance indicators
Write a Learning and Development Policy and Procedures
Can be revised as often as necessary
Within one week
None required
General Manager and HR Manager
Completed Learning and Development Policy and Procedures
On the job learning
Timing and personnel matching can be altered as required.
Formal program ready within 2 months.
None required
General Manager and HR Manager
All new staff members provided with on the job learning opportunities during their induction period.
Self-directed learning
Staff can research and establish the learning that interests them and benefits the company.
Staff can begin researching immediately
None required
Individual staff members HR Manager to collate data
All staff taking part in at least two self-directed learning opportunities per year
Deployment can be stopped or changed at short notice.
Formal program ready within 2 months.
None required
General Manager and HR Manager
All requests for deployment opportunities are followed through
Group learning
Team membership can be altered as the situation allows
Formal program ready within 2 months.
None required
General Manager and HR Manager
Interdepartmental learning groups established with every staff member assigned to at least one.

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