organisation strength and weakness of study

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Facebook as BUSINESS communication media in organisation strength and weakness of study ckground and strengths or limitations of work A SHORT STS EMENT OF TH AUTHOR’S VIE■
explain the main topics anation w=6,,,,4twocra,
scope and evaluatio• p contribution to next assessment and o sasnesscrnent explain wh is im ortant for the topiG—-
Evaluation of
uthor’s background
Annotated Bibliography argument Business Communication and Fa, Facebook in organisations business cs mmunication trast with other autors summaryoLvork summary, author background
citation deta
citations in alphibetical order
Year & Page
relevant to topic methodology
central idea
purpose of work 150 words for each refsruergrea4
Short statement explaining
evaluation cr,autor a hors background limaitation of work summary
of work
an overvie on the topic
main focus

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