Oral presentation – health

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Oral presentation – health
Assignment description
Here you will find the task oral presentation – health.
You will give an oral presentation on health.
Your presentation should have an introduction, main part and conclusion.
In your main part, you should tell three aspects that you think are most important for good health and why.
Use the presentation on health LINK (given below) as a source.
Make a Powerpoint / Google presentation.
health LINK
Is it the doctors’ responsibility that we have good health?
Nina Richert 2016
Our diet – the food we eat
• Varied diet
Vary the diet so you get in you:
•enough energy (calories)
•important vitamins
•antioxidants Those
who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables have a greater chance of surviving a heart
A new study among 313,000 people shows that the risk of dying is reduced by
22 percent if you eat 640 grams of fruit and vegetables daily.
Exercise – moving is important but also
– Can you train too much?
– Can you die from being too sedentary?
Research has shown that: Exercise: is like medicine
blood sugar level drops and stabilizes.
Counteracts: high blood pressure, obesity, abdominal obesity, type-2
diabetes and blood clots.
The heart pumps more efficiently The
– risk of cardiovascular disease is halved.
– Reduces the risk of dementia, breast cancer, colon cancer, osteoarthritis and
depression. Can supplement or even replace drugs.
Why is sleep important?
How much sleep do you need?
You achieve this by getting enough sleep
• Reduced risk of cancer and diabetes
• A healthier heart and stronger immune system
• Reduced risk of overweight and stress
• More energy and better performance
• Improved learning ability
Ten good sleep tips
• Do not be afraid of insomnia
• Solve not the problem of the day at night
• Do not go to bed until you are sleepy
• Get up if you can not fall asleep
• Get up at the same time every day and do not sleep during the day
• Do not exercise later than four hours before bedtime
• Do not drink coffee, tea or coca-cola in the evening
• Do not go to bed hungry
• Do not use alcohol as a sleeping pill
• Do not use sleeping pills regularly
Nina Richert 2016
Smoking kills
10,000 people a day The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about a
third of the world’s population over 15 years, about 1.1 billion people, smoke. Tobacco
smoking is thought to cause the death of some 3.5 million people each year. In Europe,
smoking is the leading cause of death according to the WHO.
Sweden best at smoking cessation
In Sweden today, almost every fifth adult smokes daily
Despite the large number of smokers, Sweden is the only country in the world that has
achieved the WHO goal of less than 20 percent of the population smoking. During the last
18 years, smokers have become fewer and fewer in Sweden.
Quit Smoking – Tips and Advice for Quitting Smoking. Free!
Passive smoking
• The first worldwide study of the effects of secondhand smoke shows that:
• More than 600,000 people, a third of them children, die prematurely each
year as a result of secondhand smoke.
• One percent of all deaths in the world each year are caused by
secondhand smoke.
• About 40 percent of all children and one in three adults were exposed to
other people’s tobacco smoke in 2004, according to a study published in
the medical journal The Lancet.
• Myocardial infarction and respiratory infections account for the vast
majority of deaths caused by secondhand smoke.
Our social situation
•Things that are important for our health:
•Meaningful work / studies
Nina Richert 2016
Our thoughts – positive thinking
Choosing happiness
You can actually choose if you want to be happy.
– Our ability to feel joy and hope depends on our attitude to life, both when life is easy and
when we are having a hard time.
– Through positive psychology , it is possible to think happy by not thinking unhappy.
Our negative thoughts about ourselves and our lives are often what make us depressed. If we
succeed in breaking our negative thought paths, the brain will increasingly choose the positive
thought path.
– It is scientifically proven that the optimist lives on average seven and a half years longer than
the pessimist.
The power of thought is thus greater than we think.
Nina Richert 2016

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