opt a series of practical analytical tests

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• provide PowerPoint evidence that you have correctly carried opt a series of practical analytical tests avnadrieitrywoefsftoigoadtsio. ..s t() These establish the nutritional content of a wide must include sources of: O starch (Iodine test) O protein (Biuret test) O lipids (Emulsion test) O reducing sugars (Benedict’s test) O non-reducing sugars (Hydrolysis then Benedict’s Test) O vitamin C (2, 6-dichlorophenolindophenol (DCPIP) test) • Provided information about the importance of these key nutrients for a balanced diet. • Produce a detailed description of the signs and symptoms that may occur in individuals suffering from nutritional deficiency caused by dietary related diseases. Use your previous research to explain how nutrient deficiency for TWO nutrient deficiency conditions may be treated in order to relieve the symptoms. • To ensure your peers have a clear understanding of how disease processes cause malfunctions of the digestive system, explain the normal physiological processes of digestion, absorption and the assimilation of nutrients. Your presentation/report must include a labelled diagram or photograph(s) showing and explaining the role of each of the organs of the digestive system and the associated accessory organs (liver, pancreas and gall bladder). Include any enzymes secreted by the named organs and the location of their action. • report Expand your repo by analysing the actions of amylase, protease and lipase enzymes in the chemical digestion of macronutrients in foods. Include detail of hydrolysis in the catabolic processes involved in breaking down large food molecules into their monomers. Conclude your report with a section analysing the pathways and mechanisms by which the products of chemical digestion are absorbed.
Checklist of evidence required
A report containing: • A section that evaluates the effect on human health of dietary disease and the treatments used to correct them. • A section that describes the symptoms of nutritional deficiency resulting from dietary related disease and explains the corrective treatments. uses of • A section that analyses the role of digestive enzymes in nutrient uptake and explains the role and location of digestive organs. • A PowerPoint presentation showing evidence resulting from carrying out practical investigations into the nutrient content of a range of foods.
BTEC Assignment Brief v1.0 BTEC Internal Assessment QDAM January 2015

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