Opening Meeting declared open

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Item Description Details
Start End
Opening Meeting declared open, all required people 08:05 08:07
No conflicts of interest mentioned
08:07 08:09
New member
The board officially welcomes YOU to your first 08:09 08:15
board meeting. YOU provide a brief overview
of your background and answer a few
Minutes of Minutes of previous meeting confirmed as a
08:15 08:45
previous meeting true record.
Moved: SG Seconded: J) Agreed: All
Business Arising There was no business arising from the 08:45 08:47
previous meeting.
MD’s Report Report was tabled. Highlights:
08:47 09:30
Organisational performance on track.
• Have been requested by Diocese to
consider setting up in New Zealand. More
details to be provided at the meeting
• Need to start process of reviewing our risk
appetite and strategic plan. Draft to be
presented at the next meeting. Action: Al
directors to email suggestions to GB by end
of June.
Risk Committee Nothing to report as committee did not meet 09:30 09:30
this quarter
Finance and Report was tabled. Highlights:
09:30 10:15
Audit Committee
• Setting internal audit program for the next
financial year.
External auditors completed their controls
testing. Nothing important to report.
• Year end audit to commence in August,
with Independent Auditors Reportexpected
in September.
• Draft Liquidity Management Strategy
tabled, discussed and approved.
Financials Financials for the quarter ended 31 March 2020 10:15 11:00
were presented and discussed.
Resolution: Accounts as presented be
Moved: SG Seconded: JJ Agreed: All
Other business Given meeting had reached its scheduled time 11:00 11:05
for completion and a number of directors had
other commitments, the meeting was declared

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