Open-book Online Quiz within CloudDeakin

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Assessment 3 will be an Open-book Online Quiz within CloudDeakin.
It will be released on the unit site at the time scheduled in the University Exam T3 2020 Exam timetable. The exam will be located under Assessment > Quizzes.
The exam comprises 33 questions- 30 MCQ questions and 3 Short answer questions. You must complete all parts. You will complete the exam as a quiz in your unit site. The exam will be available for 24 hours. Once you start you must complete and submit the exam within 3 hours.
In normal circumstances, you would have been allocated 2 hours to complete this exam. However, we have provided an additional 1 hour of ‘preparation time’. This extra time includes the usual 15 minutes of reading time, as well as some additional time in case of delays in loading questions due to heavy CloudDeakin traffic. It also reflects the current climate in which you may be experiencing this type of online exam for the first time.

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