NURS2155 – Assessment 3: Teamwork in Nursing

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NURS2155 – Assessment 3: Teamwork in Nursing
In health care, being able to lead a team is equally as important as being part of a team. There are a number of facilitators and barriers to effective teamwork in nursing. Some examples of barriers might be lateral violence, poor communication, peer pressures, and being over-worked, or not being skilled enough. Some facilitators might be effective leadership, healthy workplace, your level of emotional intelliaenr,
Con, weat would make a team best able to mw… Would you include the patient as a .■ member? How will you resolve conflicts in your team? How ” ‘,sport a student nurse your team? What characteristic of teamwork do you think is the most ‘-kinq about these issues will help you in your interview for a New Graduate position, better assist you “rk as part of a health care team and leave you free to be able to enjoy your working life!
For this assessment. you are required to work in a group of 4 or 5, as a team to demonstrate your understanding of teamwork, leadership, and communication styles to consider the assignment questions. The assignment has five parts:
Part 1
“league is handing over her patients to you at 0715 an, ‘—.,,find the medicati,- cha,.. railure and has fr. on a fluid restriction although no order exists at the moment. She also has arthritis and went to theatre yesterday afternoon for a total hip replacement. She was ordered 1000m1 of fluid over 24 hours post op and the infusion should cease when complete at 1600 hrs today. You note that the fluid remaining in the infusion is only 120 ml. You think that the infusion has been administered too

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