number of serves and food

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C ASSOSStrent ase study Task 2 trod’ test 1, use the same scenario to complete the foltowing. rii$h anpyrovide a yield test e Plain) ng reckys9211 Price per kg Original weight
. usable P9t’Quct weight
Yield 96
Cott be done on a cost details and percentage s ing mus
Unusable product weight
fat 1 c c 2. aa e Pc‘ eeS` •iskg, NS qv+ NC). is•tkke‘
“.6nIJCe• „ye,C4 NINCNeN etz 46..
New price Per 1(8 price per person basis and recipes need to show the number of serves and food as provided using the excel program your trainer provides. • h ‘s applicable for the entire project. to requirements for descriptions ner Schnitzel
t 3 d 28% of the total sale price whlc ay or the description must reflect the use of other meats; a Caesar salad n croutons etc. • Select a suitable format, print type and paper; can your customer read it? Ensure all spelling, grammar and formatting is correct, • • Print the menu to submit to your trainer. sible use of printing resources and paper. 5. Attach a list of an equipment required (utensils and small/fixed equipment) to produce all items on your menus. (This is to ensure that the menu can actually be produced considering the given infrastructure of an establishment and you need to be aware of this) 6. Explain how you will evaluate the individual dishes provided for your menus once these are implemented 7 identify the TWO dishes which have the highest food costs and how you could lower these? 8. How could you obtain feedback on your menu and the dishes included? Provide 5 examples which kniOnnabort you would seek to make improvements. Now that you have developed and costed your TWO menus (one a la carte and one tabte r reflect on what influenced your inclusion of dishes, and how you described and presented yr…/
relating to cl menu ustrig correct descriptions, logical seq ingredient used (e.g. A Wie
Write the men uence with consideration
must use ve assical menu requirements like garnishes and typical ingr d eludes anchovies and
…The food cost must not exceed
**Do not use colour for printing and apply respon
the following questions. 9 Where can you gather information and understanding about the dent wows you ape caw” %to tests three sours

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