no heat generation within the plate

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Consider a steady two-dimensional heat transfer in a this steel plate whose cross-section is given in the following Figure. The mesh size is Ax = 0.15m, Ay = 0.2m for manual calculation. The nodes arc indexed by I to 9 in the Figure. Please determine the temperatures at each node.
There is no heat generation within the plate; the temperature difference through the plate thickness ( I mm) is negligible. The thermal conductivity of the steel plate is 50 W/(m.°C). The entire top surface ‘4-7-9’ is subjected to constant heat flux q” = 2000W/ m2. The bottom surface ‘1-2-3′ is maintained at 120 °C. The left side surface .1-4’ of the body is insulated; the right side surface ‘3-6-8-9’ of the body is under convection with ambient air at Tr= 10 °C with a convection coefficient of h = 100 W/(m2.°C).
For ANSYS, you can use any proper mesh type and mesh size to ensure accurate results. But you need to find the temperatures at the positions (1-9) to compare with that from the manual calculation.
Air Tf=10°C, h=100W/m2.°C

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