need supply chain management

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Week #1 – 
Part 1 (Chapter 1): What is a supply chain and why do we need supply chain management?
Part 2 (Chapter 2): What was Redbubble’s objective and what did they do to achieve their desired outcome?  What is your personal take-away from their actions?  
Part 3 (Chapter 3): On p. 61, processes are described. What in the world is “process thinking” and why might this be valuable or not?
Week #2 –
 Part 1 (Chapter 5): Review the Batch Process on p. 146 and provide an example of a good or a service that is produced in this manner.
Part 2 (Chapter 6): Go to p.197 and read the Case, A Comment on Management Attitude and then address the questions on p. 198.
Week #3 –
 Part 1 (Chapter 7): On p. 268, the author describes Walmart’s implementation of autonomous scanning robots to manage their available on-shelf inventory.  Your task is to identify an organization, other than Walmart, that employs drones or robots to perform this task. Conduct a Google search to locate your sources.  Briefly describe the organization’s use of this/these technology tool(s). 
Part 2 (Chapter 8): Refer to the website and briefly describe the history of Lean Systems.

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Week #4 – 
Part 1 (Chapter 9): In your opinion, what impact has Amazon had on consumer’s expectations?  Explain.
Part 2 (Chapter 10): On p.343, review the various factors that contribute to an organization’s risk.  Explain risk, then identify one component you personally deem to be the most critical.  Support your selection. 
Part 3 (Chapter 11): Describe the role of reverse logistics in relation to online activities.  How has GameStop’s actions contributed to a clean environment?
Week #5 – Part 1 (Chapter 12): How does Walmart use the weather to increase sales; do the actions by Walmart have an impact on demand forecasting?Part 2 (Chapter 12): In your opinion, has Covid-19 caused organizations to modify their demand forecasting? Why or why not? Support your opinion. 
Week #6 – 
Part 1 (Chapter 13): Describe Yield Management. After reading the Get Real example on p.469, explain how a company that provides international guided tours might use Yield Management approach. 
Part 2 (Chapter 14): Use your own creativity! Refer to the activity at the bottom of p. 488 and develop your own Bill of Materials (BOM). Be sure and preface your work with a short paragraph that describes your product. For this response, you may insert a table in your paper. APA formatting will NOT be required for this task.
Week #7 – 
Part 1(Chapter 15): The development of a project charter is an important preliminary task in the definition of the project. Review the components of a good project charter, on p. 528, and complete the activity on the page.  Examine two project charters.
Part 2 (Chapter 16): Go to p. 577 and complete the activity at the top of the page.
Requirements for the paper:
Prepare a title page.
The first page of your paper should include the paper’s title.
Use Level 1(Week #n) and Level 2 headings to indicate your topic.
Use APA formatting throughout your paper.No Abstract statement is required.
A References page is required.
Double-space the entire work; use Times New Roman font size 12.
Try to limit your weekly topic to 2 pages. The overall MAXIMUM number of pages is 15

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