Multimedia Development 2

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Programme Code
BN021, BN112
BA in Creative Digital Media
Module Code
DMED 2028, Multimedia Development 2
Autumn repeat assessment breakdown
Project 100%
Deliverable 1 – Interactive E-learning Solution
Deliverable 2 – Demo Defence Video
Deadline Friday 20th August at 9:00 am
Multimedia Development 2
Repeat Assignment
Shaun Ferns
Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
By submitting your project for assessment you agree to the following:
“The material contained in this assignment is the author’s original work, except where
work quoted is duly acknowledged in the text. No aspect of this assignment has been
previously submitted for assessment in any other unit or course.”
This assignment is an individual project. The work you submit must be your own. It is fine for you to
ask a lecturer or fellow student for assistance with the project, but the actual work created and
submitted must be your own. Plagiarism and academic dishonesty can lead to failure of the module
and other penalties outlined in the Institute’s rules and regulations.
Deliverable 1 – Interactive E-learning Solution
The project is to design, create, present, publish and defend an interactive E-Learning solution, to
demonstrate what you have learnt from this module’s topics. The Interactive E-learning Solution should
be an original piece of work whose purpose is to teach the Twine software( There is no
specified application for the creation of the E-Learning solution though in the past students have used
both Unity &/or Adobe Animate. Remember this is a multimedia project, it must consist of a more than
once form of media and must include some form of interactive assessment.
• So, remember, this project is your ‘vehicle’ to demonstrate the range and depth of your
technical and creative skills.
• Your project should demonstrate the range of skills/technologies introduced in the module. For
example, your code should demonstrate the use of the user interaction time-based, actionbased motion
How you will be assessed:
• The quality of your interactive eLearning solution
o Does it illustrate knowledge of timelines and coding concepts from the topics in the
o Does it all work?
o Is it easy to use by someone who visits it the first time?
o Does it have a professional look & feel of an interactive eLearning solution?
o Does it demonstrate achievement of technically challenging features?
• The quality of the arguments you make in your demo/defence session and video
• Deliverable – zipped folder containing copy of interactive files
o “”
o You are to submit a ZIP file containing a copy of the contents of your interactive
• Include:
o documentation
 The documentation file should include a report summarising the procedures
and tools/techniques used, file listing, navigation flowchart/storyboard, and
support material including production and user instruction documentation
e.g. Read Me files.
o “sources.txt” (inside folder “images)
 You are to submit a text file which states the origin of each image/audio
used in your website (be specific, e.g. saying “Google images” is not good
enough! You need to state the URL including the original filename of the
image from that source, and also state the image filename as it appears in
your interactive story). Please apply Harvard referencing to sources
 You should also declare any other sources used in your story, and state
clearly how they have been used, so it is clear which parts of your project
are your own work, which are the work of others, and the extent to which
you have changed any work from others
Additional Resource
You are required to move through a planning, design and development phase before delivering the
product. This could include some of the following stages if appropriate, but your client’s needs (if
justified) may require alternative phases:
• Background information on the project
• Define the scope for the product
• Identify learner characteristics
• Establish constraints
• Produce a style manual
• Identify required resources
• Ideas for content
• Detailed program description (types of learning, chosen methodology, program sequence)
• Media types and formats to be used
• System inputs or outputs (if any)
• Flowcharts and/or Storyboards
Deliverable 2 – Demo Defence Video
As there is little opportunity to demonstrate your creation of the interactive story you are required to
demonstrate by screen capture your work. Similar to presenting during class time this is your
opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the process for developing and creating your
interactive E-Learning solution.
In your video defence/presentation you will be required to demonstrate and defend your
understanding of your selected platform, specifically the use of code to enhance your work, your
methods, choices and design, and the quality of your final interactive E-Learning solution. You may
also be asked to defend/present your work in person if there is some query about your project/grade.
Demo/Defence video
• video file
o “StudentNumber_defense.wmv”
o You are to submit a 5min video file containing your video demo/defence
o Load video on YouTube or Vimeo(private – password “md2”)
Method of submission
All work is to be uploaded to Moodle – deadlines are as specified on Moodle.
Due to tight correction deadline no late submissions.
Files should be named in the style: B0007 (but with your names and student number…). Folders should
be correctly named BEFORE being ZIPed. Incorrect file names will not be assessed.
When a ZIP folder is required do not use RAR or 7zip etc.
Submission Checklist
1. A zip file containing
a. interactive E-Learning solution
b. all documents relating to the interactive E-Learning solution
2. Demo/Defence video
• video file
o “StudentNumber_defense.wmv”
o You are to submit a 5min video file containing your video
demo/defence, Load video on YouTube or Vimeo(private password
1. Additionally, all files to be submitted in hardcopy on DVD. (Submit August 20th D-Block Shaun
Ferns mailbox)
• Due to a tight correction deadline, late submissions will not be accepted.
• Incorrect file names will not be assessed.
• Where no proof of creation is offered for the development of a new asset, it will be assumed
that the asset is from a 3rd party. In such a case, zero marks will be awarded for the creation
of that asset.
• 3rd party assets used but not listed in the sources list will incur a penalty.
• If a particular asset does not work or run correctly, marks will be not be awarded for this
• Marks will only be awarded for files submitted. If, for example, the student submits an
incomplete project file, resulting in the project file being corrupt or ‘unopenable’, zero
marks will be awarded for that component.
• It is important to note that work already submitted may NOT be submitted again. This is
considered plagiarism.
Hint: To avoid penalties, document your work periodically and create versions of your game. Create a
realistic schedule of tasks to ensure a timely completion of the project. Approach the project
incrementally to ensure that, even if the project is unfinished, a version is still submitted.
Deadline Friday 20th August at 9:00 am

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