Multi-storey Car Part Design

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Project Brief Multi-storey Car Part Design You are acting as the consultant. A client wishes to commiSSiOn a design for a Shopping Centre car parking facility. Technical feasibility studies are required before proceeding with a detailed design so that the viability of the proiect can be tested and all the key requirements established. Client’s requirements A reinforced concrete car park consisting of a three-storey structure is required with an overall external rectangular footprint (centre lines) size of 50.0 to x 75.0 rn. You are required to prepare scheme designs considering at least two layout options. ‘Rules of thumb’ methods, where appropriate, should be used for preliminary element sizing that relate to the car-parking layouts_ Initial drawings are required that confirm your car parking layouts and vehicular movement between floors, together with initial sizes and structural layout of all structural elements including, slabs, beams, columns and column bases. Advice on cladding of these schemes is required. Car parking is required at Ground. 1st, 2nd and roof levels. Roof level is to be left open to the environment. Suitable perimeter safety parapets are to be provided as part of the structure. Access and egress into the car park structure is at Ground floor level along the 75.0 m dimension with position to suit scheme layouts. A minimum clear floor height is to be determined and is to be provided to sit scheme layouts. In each of the schemes considered, a suitable number of service cores of size. 4.0 m x 6.5 m, incorporating staircases lifts and services shafts must be provided in each of the layouts. Clearly illustrate how the functional framing and stability of the structure is achieved. Plant room for lift equipment is to be located at roof level. Service cores at roof level are to be enclosed with a 3.0 m structure extension to the front of the .s and stairs.
Assume: • Ground floor is to contain 50% family car parking spaces and 50% short-term car parking spaces • First and second floors are to contain 100% short term car parking spaces • Roof level is to contain 100% long-term car parking spaces • The influences of any adjacent existing structures on the design are of sufficient distance away to be ignored site conditions permit open excavation method of construction
• Address requirements to satisfy legislation for disabled access and to meet reasonable requirements of users.
State all design assumptions including_ Parking bay sites, coiumn 1555110m0004t9.0V services, drainage provision and lire protection to be 1 hour illinimUM). CON.* damage =Inchon rontured a
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