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Proposal for My Furniture Store E-Commerce Website
Name: Rakesh reddy kankanala
Id: 43764
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Project Title and Information
This proposal focuses on the proposed E-commerce website. The paper therefore focuses on explaining some of the changes that have been made on the website including added features, removed features as well as the improved features. Apart from the already designed website features such as the Product catalog, Shopping cart, Checkout, Payment as well as the Customer accounts, other features have been added to the websites as well as are discussed below. Additionally, other features have also been improved to ensure effectiveness of the website. The paper therefore starts by summarizing several E-commerce website deliverables as well as this will incorporate a number of features that have been added as well as improved on the website. The paper then provides screenshots of the main pages of the E-commerce websites (Chaffe y, 2007).
The purpose of this document is to define the features of the My Furniture Store e-commerce website. Visitors can see popular features, such as viewing products, viewing furniture prrxluct details (size, color, and cost), and viewing other static conteJon the site. Registered users can not only view all of the features that have been published, but they can also purchase pr‹x1ucts by adding them to their shopping cart. Administrators can manage all content and orders from the back-end (administrator).
My furniture store is an online retailer of high quality as well as exclusive furniture. My furniture shop is your one stop shop for the cheapest furniture and bedding on t he Internet. lt offers a wide range of high quality products and offers value equal to the price.
The URL of the company is —
lt is expected that those individuals visiting the website will be able to see the available features of the website for instance the, they will be able to browse the various products, be able to view the products details such as the product size, the product color as well as the cost of the product. In addition, those users who have already registered will be able to view all details in the website as well as they may therefore able to purchase the products by adding the selected products to the
shopping cart. However, the admin may be able to carry out the management of the entire website contents as well as Orders from the Admin side (Cassandra, Rudy, & Kristin, 2017).
Logo of the company
The logo of the my furniture store is given below —
Figure 1: Logo of the company
Soulce –
The application consists of following main things:
Visitor Features
View Gallery along with the home banners
Able to Browse the Pr‹xlucts
Product Details views
Member registration process
Registered Member Panel
Login to site
Manage Account
My Profile
My Orders
S. Buy Product (Checkout)
6. Logout
Admin Panel for Pi o tltict M ainten ance
Admin User Management
Management of Jstomers
Management of product attribute
Management of product
Management of Price
Management of the banner
Management of an order placed
Management of the shipment
This project will be dealing into very important three features of the online website that is User Authentication, login as well as logout, Prrxluct Maintenance as well as Search product as well as checkout screen. Below is the system block diagram —
Figure 2: Blcick Diagram Source – (Lee, 201 6)
Browse products feature- This feature is important because it will enable the v’isitor to browse or search for any product, he/she may wish to see.
View Product details feature- This feature will enable the visitor to view details regarding the product such as the size, the color, even price among other details of the product.
Registration feature-This feature will enable the visitor to register as well as have own account if he/she so wishes.
Registered panel consist the following features for the registered members:
The Login feature-This feature help the members to login to their accounts so that they can be able to view various products as well as even purchase their products.
The manage account feature- This feature will enable the users or member to make changes to his/profile details as well as carry out some settings on his/her account.
My profile Feature-This feature displays the details of the member such as, names, phone number, E-mail address among other personal information.
My Order Features-This feature displays all the items that have been purchased by t he user. lt displays the total cost, the status of the order as well as so forth.
Bu y Products (Checkouts)-This feature enables the user to make a purchase of the products added to the shopping cuts.
Log out Feature- This feature helps the user to logout of the account after completion of the purchase.
Shopping cart-The Feature allows the user to select as much products before purchasing them as he wishes.
Payment Feature- Provides payment options that can be used by the users.
Admin panel will have very key features such as the Login feature, the Dashboard, the Administrator user management feature, Customer management feature, The pr‹xluct attribute management, the product management feature, the price chart management feature, shipping management, Order manager feature, among other features that might be required for effective management of the website(Lee, 2016).
The Front page will contain the following sub-pages:
Home page-have links for log in, sign up, the website logo, banners. Once the user clicks an y of these links, he/she will be able to navigate through that particularly page.
The Product display page-this will include details such as the Product images which when clicked will display information such as prrxluct name, size of the product, image of the prrxluct as well as features of the selected products.
Developing Environments and Product price
The development environment is used to develop as well as test future releases of applications. This website proposes a fixed price for all products. However, any discount or any reduction or changes in products’ prices are incorporated together with the initial price. Therefore, all prices communicated by the website are fixed. lt is with this regard that we encourage the customers to keenly check the products’ prices before purchasing or adding the products to their shopping cart (Lee, 201 6).
External Interface Requirements
This segment depicts explicit prerequisites for the application’s planned Al. Subtleties of the Al structure on each screen are shrouded in the venture’s prototyping stage.
The GM standard that follows all sites viable depends on innovative information.
All sites are created at screen goals of 1024 x 768 or higher
All Web locales will work completely in the accompanying Web programs: Microsoft Internet Explorer (1E), lE Mozilla Firefox, G‹xigle Chrome Apple Safari (Windows)
The spring up window is utilized uniquely in places where it is critical to keep the client on the primar y screen, for example, the subtleties screen. In the event that the client has empowered the spring up blocker, you will be provoked to handicap it before proceeding. Client-side scripting. lt is used where the AJAX control is needed, but the page does not load heavily.
A screen that displays a list (such as a search results page) displays a Page Navigation control that allows users to view multiple pages of information, rather than scrolling s’ertically. Pagination controls are developed to make it easy for Web site administrators to set attributes such as the maximum number of items displayed per page as well as the maximum number of pages displayed, using a properties file.
A confirmation message is displayed to the user before the delete activity on the Web site. The delete action is performed only when the user confirms the delete action.
This timeline does not contain any detailed functional specifications. A scope document is the base document for the requirement. The website interface is only in English. Note, however, that user input can only in a single language. Everything you enter is saved to the database as well as displ ayed on the Web site. Based on data based on the organization’s assets, t sample value set of database elements that affect business rules as well as workflows is critical from a development as well as testing perspective. The client prepares a business scenario, as well as after the Web design delivers the Web site; the entire Web site is tested.
StWent Details
Sr. No
Student lD
Student Name
Rakesh reddy kankanala

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Cassandra, C., Rudy, & Kristin, D.M. (2017). Website quality impact on customers’ purchase intention through social commerce website. 2017 International Conference on Information Management as well as Technology (ICIMTech). doi:10.1 l09/icimtech.2017.8273546
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