MIS606 Professional Practice

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MIS101 Assessment 2 Brief Page 1 of 4
Subject Code and Title
MIS606 Professional Practice
Assessment 2: Presentation and Viva Voce
Part A: 10 minutes presentationPart B: 5 minutes Q&A
Learning Outcomes
a) Reflect on the role of a Business Analyst in thecontemporary business environment and society morebroadly.b) Cultivate an understanding of who the student is as aprofessional and what their impact should be to theenterprise.c) Deliver a substantial project that synthesises and integratesknowledge and practice gained from all other MBIS subjects.
Presentation slides due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday ofModule 6.1 (week 11), presentations delivered in Module 6.2(week 12).For intensive class: Presentation slides due by 11:55pmAEST/AEDT Sunday of Module 6.1 (week 6), presentationsdelivered in Module 6.2 (week 6).
Total Marks
50 marks
ContextAfter completing the first assessment, you now know the role of each MBIS subject in addressingorganization needs and solving their problems. In this assessment, you deliver a presentation todiscuss the organization that you chose in the fist assessment, the problems that you target, and therecommendations that you provided. You task is to present and effectively communicate yourrecommendations for an audience. Also, you have to answer questions and defend yourrecommendations.InstructionsThere is no specific format for your presentation. However, please keep in your mind that you will beallowed to talk only 10 minutes and be prepared to answer questions for 5 minutes. If you are takingthis subject online, the first ten minutes of you video will be marked. You also need to answerquestions in the discussion forum.MIS101 Assessment 2 Brief Page 2 of 4Any referenced used should be cited using APA referencing style. Please do not forget to includeintroduction and conclusion to your report. Make sure to check the structure and format of yourpresentation with your learning facilitator before the presentation day. Each presentation will takemaximum 15 minutes including Q&A.Submission Instructions:You are required to submit your presentation in Week 11 and be prepared to present in Week 12 or12. If you use any resource, you have to cite them in your report using the APA referencing style.Torrens University Australia policies apply to the preparation and submission of this assignment.MIS101 Assessment 2 Brief Page 3 of 4Assessment Rubric for the discussion forum (Part B)
Fail(Yet to achieveminimum standard)0-49%
High Distinction(Exceptional)85-100%
Content of presentationand strength ofrecommendations40%
The presentation and/orrecommendations mayneed additional work.The recommendationsmay need further tracingback to the analyses.
The presentation isaverage, and therecommendations can beseen to trace back to thepreceding analysis.
Good presentation withAppropriaterecommendation presented.
Very good presentation withinsightful recommendations.
An exceptional assignmentpresentation withexceptionaland insightfulrecommendations that areto be commended.
Effectivecommunication andanswering questions40%
Difficult to understandfor audience, nological/clear structure,poor flow of ideas,argument lackssupporting evidence.Audience cannot followthe line of reasoningFailed to answerquestions and engage inconversation
Information, argumentsand evidence arepresented in a way that isnot always clear andlogical. Line of reasoning isoften difficult to follow.Some of the questionswere answered effectively.
Information, argumentsand evidence are wellpresented, mostly clearflow of ideas andarguments. Line ofreasoning is easy tofollow.Questions were answeredbut more convincinganswers could be given.
Information, argumentsand evidence are verywell presented; thepresentation is logical,clear and well supportedby evidence.Demonstrate s culturalsensitivityQuestions were answeredin a very good manner,but the answers could bemore in-depth
Expertly presented; thepresentation is logical,persuasive, and wellsupported by evidence,demonstrating a clearflow of ideas andarguments. Engages andsustains audience’sinterest in the topic,demonstrate s high levelsof cultural sensitivityEffective use of diversepresentation aids,including graphics andmulti-media.
Questions wereanswered expertly witheffective conversationswith audience andconvincing arguments
MIS101 Assessment 2 Brief Page 4 of 4
Referencing and
Has not used references
Demonstrates use of
Demonstrates consistent
Demonstrates expert use
or uses poor quality
research sources to
use of good quality,
demonstrates expert use
of diverse, high quality,
references to support
support and develop ideas,
credible and relevant
of high quality, credible
credible and relevant
ideas. APA referencing
although these are not
research sources to
and relevant sources to
sources, which develop
has multiple errors or
consistently explicit or well
support and develop
support writing.
and support ideas in a
has not been used
developed. There are some
ideas There are minor
Demonstrates evidence
sophisticated manner.
mistakes using APA
mistakes using APA
of reading beyond the key
Extensive evidence of
referencing style.
referencing style.
texts. There are no
reading beyond key texts.
mistakes or very minor
There are no mistakes
mistakes using APA
using APA referencing
referencing style.
The following Subject Learning Outcomes are addressed in this assessment
SLO a)
Reflect on the role of a Business Analyst in the contemporary business environment and society more broadly.
SLO b)
Cultivate an understanding of who the student is as a professional and what their impact should be to the enterprise.
SLO c)
Deliver a substantial project that synthesises and integrates knowledge and practice gained from all other MBIS subjects

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