MIS604- Requirements Engineering

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MIS604- Requirements Engineering
Case Study
Student Gigz Pty Ltd is a recently formed student start-up company in a university accelerator program in
Adelaide. Their business focuses on ensuring that organisations can call on students, in short notice, to fulfil
their short-term vacancies/ needs for specialised skills. Student Gigz Pty Ltd is building a web and mobile
application combination. This application should allow organisations that require short term assistance to
register for the service online to source students with the appropriate skills. The company will be funded by a
pro rata commission charged per hours worked by each student.
The web will be a portal for organisations s where they will be able to sign all contracts and undertakings and
post listings for their short-term employment needs. They will be able to send job alters to students with the
appropriate skills in their listing, who are able to work in their location via a message broadcast. The
organisations will also be able to review student profile’s and send targeted message to students with the
experiences in a specific area.
The mobile application is designed as the primary student interface. Students will be able to create a profile
where they will be able to select their skills from a pre-existing list as well as the locations where they are able
to work. Typical jobs might include project support, accounting support, wireframing, high fidelity html
prototyping and marketing.
Contact can be made post-matching for students to find out more about the job or the organisation to find out
more about the student’s availability. Once the job is completed, payment can be made securely through the
app. The organisation will also be able to rate and review the student.
Your company has been engaged by Student Gigz (Pty Ltd) to help them with the requirements analysis for this

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