Microprocessors have revolutionized our world

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Microprocessors have revolutionized our world during the past three decades. A smartphone today has far more capability than a room-sized mainframe of yesteryear. A luxury automobile contains about 100 microprocessors. Advances in microprocessors have transformed our way of life. There are many different aspects of a computer architecture such as virtual memory. Write a report about 1500 words. Things to include in the report. 1. An introduction to the topic (200 words) 2. A general discussion of the major components of the topic (400 words) 3. An in-depth discussion of a particular component or application of the topic (400 words) 4. Future trends relating to the topic (100 words) 5. APA citations (at least 5) 6. Conclusion (100 words) 7. List of references (at least 5)

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