Microfinance Institution

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Interview with Microfinance Institution Management – Interviews in expected to commence in February 2021.
Dear Participant,
I am a MBA Student at the University of Leicester.
This interview is being conducted to get your input about how microfinance institutions like yourself can contribute to the healthcare capacity within the Turks and Caicos Islands. I am especially interested in the feasibility, and risk you might encounter, and recommendations you have.”
“If it is okay with you, I will be tape recording our conversation. The purpose of this is so that I can get all the details but at the same time be able to carry on an attentive conversation with you. I assure you that all your comments will remain confidential. If you agree to this interview and the tape recording, please review and sign the provided consent form.”
Base on the Department of statistics, the population is about 44,000 persons, with 35,000 persons eligible for health care services under the National Health Insurance Plan, leaving about 10,000 individuals with no coverage: How as a microfinance institution, do you offer any assistance by loan, saving or microinsurance for healthcare services?
How as a microfinance institution would you be open to offer options to pay for these services?
What do you think would be major issues/challenges in offering financing avenues to pay for these services?
What would you say are the sustainable solutions to these challenges?
How would you implement these services?
Do you see this implementation in the future of this institution?
Are there specific laws or legislation that regulates the microfinance institutions that you know can prevent the institution from establishing a component to contribute to the health care capacity?
The National Health Insurance Plan and the Ministry of Health have talks about optimizing community health, do you think that your would-be institution interested in this area?
How do you see this cooperation influencing Healthcare in your community?
Do you have any suggestions for innovation programs that you think can by implemented by this organization?
Are there specific areas in the community health that the MFIs should target? For example, healthy living, and nutrition.
What is your input on offering direct loans to the members of the community directly for their health needs or do you think it would be feasible to target health institutions?
If yes how?
If not, why?
How do you see this affecting the lower income population?
If you have a positive response, why? If you have a negative response, why?
Bearing in mind the important role MFIs plays in building the healthcare capacity in other countries, how can the Government support your effort to encourage MFIs in Turks and Caicos Island to be a part of this venture?

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