MGT609 Managing Information Systems

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Subject Code and Title
MGT609 Managing Information Systems
Assessment 3 Part A: Policy Pitch
Part A: 10 minutes
Learning Outcomes
a) Evaluate the role and evolving nature of informationsystems in a variety of dynamic business environments.d) Develop information systems policy and proceduresaligned to an organisation’s business objectives, professionalethical standards, and legal requirements.
Part A: Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Friday of Module 5.2(Week 10)
Part A: 40%
Total Marks
40 marks
Task SummaryAssessment 3 consists of two Parts. Part A requires student to develop and video record aninformation system policy pitch for 10 minutes. The pitched policy must be pertaining to an aspect ofmanaging information systems.Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.ContextThis individual assignment is designed to develop student’s capability to manage the various aspect ofinformation systems through information systems policies. Information system policy and proceduresare developed, implemented and administered to help organisations to streamline the processes inthe acquisition, development, implementation and operation of information systems adopted in theorganisations and mitigate potential risks pertaining to the usage of information systems. Studentsare expected to consider the legal, ethical and social issues in the development of information systempolicies. Through this assignment, students will demonstrate not only their critical analysis skills butalso the ability to formulate policy and pitch the same to the client through video presentation and ashort policy write-up.Instructions:BackgroundMGT609_Assessment 3A Brief.Docx Page 2 of 6ABC University (ABCU) has developed a sophisticated information system that exhaustively garnersinformation about students and uses that information to identify students at risk. Information itgathers includes• Students’ entire previous academic history;• Students’ learning management system activity logs (for example, how often students visitBlackboard and how long they stay on the site);• Students’ academic misconduct record;• Students’ attendance for each class;• Students’ marks for each assessment;• Students’ campus activity logs (how often they visit campus and how long they stay oncampus);• Students’ English level;All the information is funnelled through a sophisticated intelligent algorithm that associates eachstudent with a risk level and categorise all students into three classes: low-risk, medium-risk and highrisk. The collation of information pertaining to students’ all sorts of academic activities provides muchgreater insights of each student’s risk level which would otherwise not be possible with isolatedinformation. Lecturers and other staff in academic management have access to each student’s label.ABCU claims that such an information system helps lecturers and academic management to bettertarget students that are in need.However, some students ABCU expressed concerns about this system, which has caused somediscomfort among students. They feel that they are being subject to surveillance by the university andthe university knows too much about them.Are you concerned about the usage of such an information system at ABCU? Are there any ethical,legal and social concerns over the usage of such an information system? Would you introduce aninformation system policy to prevent the development and implementation of such informationsystems altogether?Assessment TaskPart A requires you to pitch a policy that resolves a controversial issue. You may or may not use thefictitious scenario given in the background about ABCU. You have complete discretion to choose anyareas of policy subject to two conditions:(1) The policy must be pertaining to an aspect of information systems. For example, it can berelated to information system security, general operations of information system, or even thevendor selection for the development of an information system.(2) It must be somewhat controversial, that is, the policy can be argued either way and can beviewed as a debate point. For example, you should not pitch a policy for not hacking others’password without any authorisation.You should note that you are required to pitch a policy, not a procedure, that is, you need to pitch aprinciple rather than the implementation of that principle.You are required to deliver and video record an oral short pre-prepared speech to pitch a policy. Thepurpose of both forms of policy pitch is to inform, persuade and ask the decision maker to buy in yourproposal, therefore the language used (both oral and written) must be persuasive and analytical.MGT609_Assessment 3A Brief.Docx Page 3 of 6You pitch would follow the following recommended structure:1. What is the issue, what is the need? i.e. what issue your policy is seeking to resolve.2. Why is it important? What is the goal? What is the value or benefit of your policy?3. Carry out a PEST analysis for the policy, that is, consider relevant political factors, economicfactors, sociocultural factors and technological factors that support your policy.4. Who benefits from your policy idea?5. What are the major barriers to carrying out your policy ideas? How will you overcome them?General Assessment Requirement:• Incomprehensible submissions. Assessments provide the opportunity for students todemonstrate their knowledge and skills to achieve the required standard. To do this,assessment responses need to be both clear and easy to understand. If not, the Universitycannot determine that students have demonstrated their knowledge and skills. Assessmentswill, therefore, be marked accordingly including the potential for 0 (zero) marks whererelevant.• Track changes. If you use Track Changes when writing your assessment, you must ensure thatthe submitted document is the final and correct version of the document. That is, if yoursubmitted report contains Track Changes or Comments or any other editing marks it may beawarded 0 (zero) marks. It is your responsibility to submit the final and correct version of yourreport.• Check with marking criteria. Before submitting your assessment, you should check it againstthe assessment criteria and the marking rubric included in this specification to ensure thatyou have satisfactorily addressed all the criteria that will be used to mark your submission.• Academic language. All submissions should be thoroughly proof-read for spelling,typographical or grammatical errors before being submitted. Do not reply on the ‘spell-check’function in your word processing program. If, for example, ‘affect’ is substituted for ‘effect’,your program may not detect the error.• Quality of recording. The recording of your policy pitch needs to be of professional qualitywith respect to sound clarity and video resolution. Tips of filming a video presentation can befound under the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MGT609: ManagingInformation Systems.• Referencing. It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencingresearch. Please see more information on referencing here Instructions• Means of submission for Part A. Submit ONE video file (.mp4) via the Assessment link in themain navigation menu in MGT609: Managing Information Systems.• No Zipped files. Students must NOT zip the MS Word document and the video file or submitit as one single zip/compressed file.• Complete and correct submission. Assessment, once submitted, are FINAL and thereforecannot be modified. You bear all the onus to ensure that your submissions are final, correct(correct files in correct format) and complete before submitting to Blackboard.MGT609_Assessment 3A Brief.Docx Page 4 of 6The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback canbe viewed in My Grades.MGT609_Assessment 3A Brief.Docx Page 5 of 6Learning Rubric: Assessment 3A Policy Pitch
Fail (Unacceptable)0-49%
Distinction(Advanced)75 -84%
High Distinction(Exceptional)85-100%
Presentation is unclear ornot organised in a logicalway.Pacing may beinappropriate; materialsand/or visual aids areineffective orinappropriate foraudience and/orcommunication mode.
Ideas on the topic lackadequate organisation andclarity in parts.Pacing adequate, thoughmay be over-or underlength; some materialsand/or visual aids used areappropriate for audienceand communication mode.
Ideas on the topic arepresented in an organisedway, though lack clarity inparts.Adequately paced andmaterials and/or visual aidsused were appropriate foraudience.
Ideas on the topic arepresented effectively andexpressed in an organisedway.Appropriately paced;materials and/or visual aidsused are appropriate foraudience andcommunication mode.Good variety of materialsand visuals used to allowengagement andinteraction throughout thepresentation.
Ideas on the topic areclearly and professionallyarticulated, presentedeffectively in an organisedway, and are appropriatelypaced;Materials and visual aidsused are appropriate foraudience andcommunication mode.Excellent variety ofmaterials and/or visual aidsused.
Persuasive Pitch35%
Little to no interactivepitch.Little to no informationprovided to support therecommendedinformation system policy.
Pitch was somewhatengaging.Information somewhatprovided to support therecommended informationsystem policy.
Pitch was engaging andsomewhat persuasive.Good level of informationprovided supporting therecommended informationsystem policy.
Pitch was engaging andpersuasive.Very good level ofinformation providedsupporting therecommended informationsystem policy
Pitch was engaging,persuasive andprofessionally delivered.Outstanding level ofinformation providedsupporting therecommended informationsystem policy.
Content fairly presentedincluding
Very good content presentedincluding
Very good contentpresented including
MGT609_Assessment 3A Brief.Docx Page 6 of 6
Inadequate contentpresented. Issues are notclearly identified.Little or no justification forthe pitch policy provided.
• The issues the pitchedpolicy is seeking toresolve;• The importance of thepitched policy;• PEST analysis;• The beneficiaries of thepitched policy;• Challenges in theimplementation of thepitched policy;
• The issues the pitchedpolicy is seeking toresolve;• The importance of thepitched policy;• PEST analysis;• The beneficiaries of thepitched policy;• Challenges in theimplementation of thepitched policy;
• The issues the pitchedpolicy is seeking toresolve;• The importance of thepitched policy;• PEST analysis;• The beneficiaries of thepitched policy;• Challenges in theimplementation of thepitched policy;
Outstanding quality ofcontent presentedincluding• The issues the pitchedpolicy is seeking toresolve;• The importance of thepitched policy;• PEST analysis;• The beneficiaries of thepitched policy;• Challenges in theimplementation of thepitched policy;

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