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MGT604 Assessment 2A Brief Page 1 of 7
Assessment Task
This is an individual assessment with a component of the work to be conducted in stakeholder
groups allocated by the lecturer.
In your stakeholder group, you are required to:
• Meet, discuss and agree on three strategy options
• Apply strategy concepts in your stakeholder meeting discussions to identify options.
• Produce a teamwork log
Individually, you are required to produce a white paper:
• Nominate the preferred strategy option and apply a strategy framework/s
• Discuss the implications specifically relating to your part of the business
• Include the team log in your paper’s appendix
Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.
Subject Code and Title
MGT604 Strategic Management
Stakeholder Meeting Simulation and White Paper
PART A: Preliminary Outline (Hurdle)
Up to 500 word outline
Learning Outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful
completion of the task below include:
b) Critically evaluate different strategy formulation
processes utilised by organisations and evaluate
their relevance to particular organisational
c) Develop and plan the implementation of a
selected strategy for different organisational
levels including for change management
By 11.55pm AEST/AEDT Friday End of Module 3.1 (Week 5)
Total Marks
100 marks
MGT604 Assessment 2A Brief Page 2 of 7
The assessment of this subject supports students in developing their skills and knowledge in
topics that include environmental assessment, problem diagnosis, strategy development, and
cultural and ethical contexts. Stakeholder meetings are a critical element in strategic
management. This assessment task provides experience and immersive understanding of the
complex interactions involved in the development of strategic choices, and the need to take
an integrative approach to problem solving.
PLEASE NOTE: Part A is a Hurdle Assessment and must be submitted.
You are required to perform a simulated stakeholder meeting to discuss the scenario below.
Students will be assigned a role to play in the simulated stakeholder meeting. Roles will be
assigned to ensure each group has one of each of the stakeholders.
To do this assessment, it is necessary for you to know the responsibilities and interests of
the stakeholder that you are assigned to be. To assist you with this knowledge, each
stakeholder’s general scope of responsibilities is described below. It is suggested that
you take some time to
research more about each stakeholder’s responsibilities so that you can contribute effectively to the
meetings and write your white paper.
The white paper is to be completed individually by each member of the team reflecting the
impact of the proposed strategy on their particular part of the business and should be
completed to the professional standard that would be required if the scenario were real.
Please Note: You will be placed in your group by your facilitator and are expected to
conduct at least one (1) stakeholders meeting per week. Times and location are to be
arranged by the group.
Stakeholders description and interests
a) General Manager (GM) of the company
The GM has the final accountability to the CEO. The GM takes responsibility of the of the
company’s successes and failures of the company. The GM brings together the different
functions in the company (HR, Finance, Operations, etc.) and the interests of all the
stakeholders. A key issue for the GM is to maximise shareholder value and the long-term
sustainability of the company.
b) General Manager of key supplier
Obviously, the GM of the supplier has the same responsibilities in his company as the GM of the
case company below. The supplier is in the business of supplying goods and services which the
MGT604 Assessment 2A Brief Page 3 of 7
case company requires. The successes and failures of the supplier company are linked to the
successes and failures of the case company.
c) Union official
General responsibility of the Union official is to represent the interest of workers. It also
includes conflict resolution between the employer and the workers and bargaining of behalf
of workers. It goes without saying that the workers would want the company to be financially
sustainable while they receive appropriate remuneration.
d) Operations manager (OM)
The general responsibilities of the OM are to ensure that productions of goods and services is
running efficiently. Therefore, the role includes both planning and implementing
production/manufacturing schedules including material and energy inputs among other
things. The OM understands the feasibility of attaining certain production levels and quality of
e) Senior finance manager (SFM)
The general responsibilities of the finance manager are to ensure that the company is
financially sound. Therefore, the finance manager plans the long and short-term allocation of
resources as well as produce financial reports. For example, the SFM would be interested in
issues such as risk, capital availability, likely timing and amount of returns, etc.
Pro-Go Pty Ltd Scenario
The scenario provides you with a brief overview of a hypothetical project for a real-life
organisation. Be aware that the scenario may not cover every detail that you will need to
address in the White Paper, in which case, you will need to conduct additional research,
including further research into the industry concerned.
[Pro-Go Pty Ltd is a privately-owned manufacturer of small, high-quality action cameras based
in Geelong, Victoria. Founded in 2004 it has enjoyed continuous year-on-year growth until the
last financial year. Pro-Go has a track record of innovation, and technology that provides
excellent quality results in a small package able to operate with small batteries for extended
periods of time. The video files these cameras produce are known for having superior colour,
and operate effectively in lower lighting conditions than competitor’s cameras. They are also
marketed on the basis of their extreme ruggedness, and reliability. Much of the technology used
in its devices has been patented by Pro-Go and is not currently available to other manufacturers.
The Pro-Go management team has recognised that the ability to capture videos is now a
feature of most phones. It suggests to them that the future of the stand-alone camera may be
MGT604 Assessment 2A Brief Page 4 of 7
limited. Pro-Go’s CEO has requested the executive team meet independently to develop a
strategy to guide the company over the next five years.]
The stakeholder meeting will discuss and agree on three strategy options for Pro-Go.
In doing so, the Stakeholder meeting may consider strategy options that exist in
adjacent markets or with related but different products or technologies. Remember
to apply strategy concepts in your stakeholder meeting discussions to identify
strategy options.
The deliverables required of each student are to produce a white paper covering the following:
1. Nominate the preferred strategy option and apply a strategy framework(s) to analyse and
why you believe it is the best strategy option; and
2. Discuss the implications specifically relating to your part of the business, and
what challenges these might represent. Separate the discussion into short-term
and long-term issues.
Students are to address the assessment task from the perspective of their own functional
area of responsibility. Integrate theory in your white paper.
Suggested format
Your 500 word, individual, Preliminary Outline of your White paper should be structured as follows:
• Introduction – Provide background and context to the report. Tell the reader
what has happened in the past that has led to this report being needed. Be very
• Aim – State in a single sentence what this report is seeking toachieve.
• Discussion – Cover the key deliverables of the assessment described above.
Remember, you are providing an outline only. Adhere to the word limit and be thoughtful in
your response. The first attempt at an outline is rarely comprehensive or correct. Please
recognise that this will likely need to be revised through several iterations to arrive at an
outline that is of impact.
Teamwork Log
Students should also keep a log of how they have worked together as a team in the delivery of
this project. This includes meeting dates and times, meeting minutes/notes, a detailed
description of how tasks were allocated and completed (and by whom), copies of emails
and/or written discussion regarding the project, and any other evidence of teamwork that
students would like to include. All students involved in the project need to check the log before
submission. It is assumed that the final submission has been agreed between students as being
an accurate record of the work that has taken place for the project.
MGT604 Assessment 2A Brief Page 5 of 7
The Teamwork log needs to be submitted with the assessment but is not a part of the overall
word count.
It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more
information on referencing here in the Academic Writing Guide found via the Academic Skills
Academic Integrity
All students are responsible for ensuring that all work submitted is their own and is appropriately
referenced and academically written according to the Academic Writing Guide. Students also need
to have read and be aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure
and subsequent penalties for academic misconduct. These are viewable online.
Students also must keep a copy of all submitted material and any assessment drafts.
Submission Instructions
Assessment 2 Part A Preliminary White Paper is to be written according to academic
writing guidelines and must be submitted in compliance with the following;
1. You should make significant references to the subject material and substantial wider
reading. A minimum of five (5) academic (books & peer-reviewed journal articles) &
two (2) other sources (newspaper article, trade publications, websites, etc.) must be
used. These should be referenced in the APA style, both in-text and in a reference list.
References to
‘Wikipedia’ or similar unsubstantiated sources will not be accepted. The assignment
is to include in-text citations and a reference list following the latest APA referencing
style. The APA referencing guide can be located in the Academic Writing Guide at
2. Students will also need to participate in the stakeholder meeting. Some class time
(for class-based students) will be allocated to this discussion. Online students will
need to participate in pre-organised forums/sessions. In addition, a summary of
notes and ideas discussed during group work sessions needs to be attached to
your submission as an appendix – see ‘Teamwork Log’ above (but will not form
part of your final wordcount).
3. Submit Assessment 2 Part A: Preliminary Submission (with references) via the
Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MGT604 Strategic Management on
the Student Portal
Students should use the brief to guide what to include in the assessment and the following
rubric to inform the standard required. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via Grade
Centre in the Student Portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.
MGT604 Assessment 2A Brief Page 6 of 7
Assessment Rubric
(Yet to achieve
minimum standard)
High Distinction
Research and
Percentage for this
criterion = 30%
Content does not
demonstrate a
postgraduate standard
of detail and thought
Content somewhat
superficial or with some
gaps in understanding
Good coverage of the
topic with clearly
articulated explanation
of the topic.
Reasonable fit between
theory and practice
Thorough coverage of
the topic. Good
application of theory.
Good use of credible
understanding; insightful
discussion; excellent and
relevant application of
theory. Multiple and
credible references used
Analysis and
Percentage for this
criterion = 30%
Reader cannot
understand the
foundations of the
topics from the
information provided.
Poor logic. No evidence
provided to support
Basic intent covered;
analysis and arguments
could be more convincing
with some evidence
Reader understands the
arguments presented
through focused analysis
and evidence
Reader has a good sense
of the analysis and
evidence, which is well
discussed in argument.
Insights are drawn from
synthesised information
Readers’ understanding
of the analysis and
arguments is clear;
logical and well
organised; detailed and
insightful analysis;
structured arguments;
synthesis and
understanding of links
between issues
Writing mechanics
Percentage for this
criterion = 15%
Layout is
confusing; logic,
flow and use of
language difficult
to follow;
numerous spelling
grammatical errors
Layout is adequate with
acceptable logic flow and
use of language. Some
misspellings and
grammatical errors
Overall presentation is
easy to digest; language
succinct and well chosen;
less than four spelling
and grammatical errors
Good presentation
content and
language; easy to
read and draw
conclusions; no
more than two
spelling and
grammatical errors
Overall style, use of
language, figures and
tables encourages
comprehension; creative
and engaging report
MGT604 Assessment 2A Brief Page 7 of 7
Reflection and
Percentage for this
criterion = 25%
Little reflection evident;
unclear conclusions
Poor reflections and
generic or somewhat
irrelevant conclusions
Good reflections
highlighting key aspects;
relevant conclusions
which are a mix of
generic and specific
Rich reflections drawing
from good research,
analysis and synthesis.
Relevant and specific
Insightful conclusions
drawing well from the
discussion and evidence;
creative and insightful
reflection with relevance
to the topic
The following Subject Learning Outcomes are addressed in this assessment
SLO b)
Critically examine how strategic management and core competencies can build and sustain competitive advantage in
different organisational contexts
SLO c)
Develop and plan the implementation of a selected strategy for different organisational levels including for change
management processes

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