meaning of professional practice

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Assessment task 1 Part D – Reflection
Online For the final component in the online assessment task, you are required
to write a reflection on a significant learning experience this semester.
You may choose your own topic that aligns with
any of the themes
across the unit content that you have experienced first-hand, or you
may choose a topic that arose in the movie that you would like to
explore further. You may even choose to watch one of the other movies
from the list to gain ideas for your writing.
Critical reflection helps explore the meaning of professional practice.
Your reflection should begin with a short introduction of the episode of
care that led to your learning experience.
Writing in a first-person perspective, describe, analyse, and evaluate the
experience and how it relates to the key themes presented throughout
the unit. You must draw on the literature to link the insights you have
gained from this episode of care, and how your role as a nurse can affect
the illness experience of a patient in your care.
Your reflection should include a critical examination of the nurse
patient relationship, therapeutic communication, and person-centred
care in chronic illness.
Your reflection is to be posted into the relevant online discussion area,
marked “Assessment Item 1 Part D – Reflection”, and uploaded to the
appropriately named Assignment folder for marking. Your peers will be
able to read your reflection, and whilst complimentary and supportive
comments are welcome, they are not mandatory for this assessment
item. Please read the marking criteria carefully to ensure you are
meeting all elements of the assessment item.
Assessment Criteria
Measures Intended
Learning Outcome:
& ILO4
Criterion 1
Expresses a perspective or leads a discussion that
describes, analyses, and evaluates experiences and
concepts relevant to the topic.
Page 9
CNA782 The illness Experience
Criterion 2 Demonstrates an understanding of how key themes ILOI, ILO2, ILO3
presented in the unit relate to the topic.
& ILO4
Criterion 3 Evidence of critique of literature and shows ILO1, ILO2, ILO3
evidence of wider self-directed reading and
& ILO4
research beyond the unit resources.
Criterion 4 Writes clearly and succinctly in an appropriate
academic style (presenting work in accordance
with Presentation of Assignments guidelines) with
correct referencing (Harvard Author-Date system
in MyLO).
Task length 1,000 words
Due by
Online upload to the discussion area and submission via the
Assignment folder due Monday 17th May 2020 by 14:00hrs

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