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MBA consultancy… Sources Competitors Re’ • •
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they cuirently use is made by nlight, In the USA.
Tclovnzgzfizeilnes covers M. main areas of largo format, high power fibre LASER
Flat sheet machines typically 3000 mm k 1500 non up to 6000 mm k 2000 …kin. Power sources up to 12 kW
LASER Tube Cuning madlina -these process tuba typically hom 20 mm tllMnotOr upward. Power soteces are often lower power than Rat sheet maMines es wall thickness
are typically thinner, due to billet walght. Standard Drank Site is sources are rypically up to 4 kW.
give a machino with capability In both disciplines.
4 5 Axis machines – The. are designed to process work pieces Ina 30 form. Often used fuoprir:77,79 waste fleshings fmrn pressed automotive panels. P.w. so..s are typicelly
9 Market in:fxr,====te.Lip=c=r27:in:se-
27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
2 Same az point one but for the US market 3 Stine az point one but /Or the woJJ marker
and 5 Aids fibre Manufacturers 1:r’n’ang.’;a7u”reers leAU17:erg”high9 nC=Sfibre LASER 7 ‘AU :tas 7,11)Ters In the UK selling high power fibre LASER .tting machines 6 TM manufactures of the power souses used by the manufactures of the machines ii 91:1′ 0’ perceived benefits and of any given LOSER source °Yet others
110 Zrcebilei ro inft Ohl. 7sortnrOngirCi.:2mPorfOccttsuilP.Tro7f4rriPors7t lcuicriM7maiket place Of
LASER’S” ‘he’
1 what kind of companies use large Monet. high Power fibre LASER Coning machines,
2 How is the market split between sheet cutting, 5 Axis and tube cutting? 3 Llst of manufacturers ‘slop L45ER to add value t0 Otelr product. Non Subcontractor.
4 List of Su.ontr.t LASER tuning businesses

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