MB123MarketingAssessment 2A

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MB123MarketingAssessment 2AIndividual ReportMB123AssessmentTasks1. Assessment 1 – Weekly Blogs for 10 weeks• including definitions,• applied activity, and• a weekly comment on another student’s blog.2. Assessment 2 – Marketing Planning &Product StrategyA. Individual report: Situation assessment –macro and micro factors of the coffeeindustry in Australia.B. Group report : Marketing plan for one(allocated)brand of coffee3. Assessment 3 – Case study + questions,and a reflection on learningAssessment 2A:Marketingplanning…For Assessment 2A, Students are to assess the marketingenvironment for an assigned product category within theFMCG range of products: beverages – coffee.Specifically, each student needs to:1. Conduct a situation analysis of the business climatefor this product category, including an analysis of themacroenvironmental forces using the PESTLEframework and considering current consumer trends(refer to the resource on Canvas).2. Identify potential opportunities and threats for anybrands which are marketing this product category,given the macroenvironmental forces at work.3. Classify the various competitors according to theirproduct offerings, such as features, product range(type, size, flavour), brand names, quality level andpackaging. (Note: product images may be included).Questions?Consult with Dr Leanne Brereton• Consultation:• Mondays before class 9:00-10:00am via Zoom• Contact Details:• [email protected]• Ensure you include your name on your email.☺

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