marking rubric is included in this document

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Instructions for preparation 1. Choose ONE of the three case studies provided below (click on the hyperlink to access the PDF file). o Zoe o Pierre o Raymond 2. Carefully read all materials provided for your chosen case study. 3. You will need to research the topic beyond your lecture and workshop material. We highly recommend you start with the textbook. 4. Type your essay into the Word template provided below (click on the hyperlink to access). The marking rubric is included in this document; you should read it carefully to guide your preparation. Do NOT delete it from your document before submission. o Essay template and marking rubric 5. Include in text citations in your essay and a reference list at the end (APA 7th style) 6. Upload the completed file to the appropriate section in the Turnitin drop box under this link.
Instructions for submission
• Name the file with your student number and topic e.g. S00123456_Jane • Upload your completed Word template file to the appropriate Turnitin drop box (for the above example, this would be the ‘Jane’ drop box). If you upload to the wrong Turnitin drop box, marking of your assessment may be delayed. • You MUST submit your work as a Word document (.doc or .docx extension). Do NOT submit a .PAGES document – it will not open and cannot be marked. If you upload a different file type and your marker cannot open it, your work will not be marked. Do NOT hand-write and scan the document. Do not save any text as images. • It is your responsibility to check that your upload has been successful. If you upload a blank file, or a file that we are unable to read, your submission will not be marked. • You will be able to upload to the Turnitin link multiple times before the submission date (if you wish). We encourage you to upload a ‘practice submission’ before the due date so that you can check that all content you uploaded can be seen in Turnitin. • Be aware that, if you have submitted a file prior to the due date/time, you will NOT be able to re-upload another document after the due date/time. • You can find further information on how to submit to Turnitin and understand the Originality report and feedback via this link.

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