Marketing Manager of Evolution Hotel

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Establish and Conduct Business Relationships
Role play 1
You are the Marketing Manager of Evolution Hotel and you have identified a strategic need to establish a business relationship with the Manager of a local travel agency.
After some research you have identified ‘the lucky person’ and you are just about to meet with them to see if they are interested in some sort of business relationship or partnership.
Let’s see how things go – this could be the start of something really big!
Instructions for Evolution Hotel’s Marketing Manager:
Welcomed the representative and Introduced self
Used positive and appropriate verbal and non verbal communication skills
Spoke clearly.
Identified business they represented.
Explained reason for the meeting as per the email (being clear about your intentions)
Identified topic/s for the meeting.
Used appropriate interpersonal skills.
Responded appropriately to questions, comments and statements from travel agency owner.
Took notes of what was said.
Gave indication of benefits that could flow to the travel agency from such a relationship.
Explained benefits that could flow to Evolution Hotel from such a relationship.
Identified rooms information (in-room facilities, quality, views, numbers by room type, decor, size etc) available at Evolution Hotel.
Asked about their business and customers.
Identified their operational needs, wants and preferences.
Used a win / win approach in negotiations – negotiations MUST be obvious – usually about price of rooms
Asked follow-up questions during the discussion.
Sought information from travel agency owner: Sought details.
 Indicated stated requirements could be met immediately and on an ongoing basis
Indicated willingness to be part of a commercial arrangement that meets the travel agent’s requirements.
Summarised and confirmed the final agreement
Finalised the meeting: Provided additional information about Evolution Hotel that might be of interest (such as outside facilities, spa and wellness centre, formal dining room, gaming room etc).
Asked travel agency owner about their preferred contact requirements.
Provided own contact details.
Explained the next steps – that contract would be drawn up and emailed for perusal
Thanked the travel agent for their time.
Stated they were looking forward to a successful partnership
Instructions to the Travel Agency:
You are the owner of a local travel agency in the same suburb as Evolution Hotel.
You are looking forward to meeting this person from Evolution Hotel and eager to see what they have to say.
You are more than willing to direct some business their way providing their rates are reasonable, the facilities etc are acceptable to you and they are prepared to block out rooms at certain times for you.
During the meeting:
Allow the Evolution Hotel to make the running and do the talking.
Provide answers to keep the discussion moving – for example:
You deal primarily with overseas travellers seeking to come to Australia and focus their stays in Sydney where they can enjoy all the sights, sounds and experiences that the city can offer.
Your market is people 50plus from South-east Asia and America who come as part of inbound group tours that stay for an average of 10 days.
You have found it increasingly difficult to find good quality, reasonably-priced accommodation and facilities for them during their visits and had often thought about contacting Evolution Hotel as it seemed a possible good local solution but you had been too busy with other things and just never got round to it.

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Your needs are:
100 double rooms every month – 30 double rooms for 10 nights per stay, three times a month every month of the year. This is projected to double over the next 2 years as you include the UK and then strategic European countries as target market segments.
Room rate to be no more than $175 per room per night including cooked breakfast – you cost this part of the package you offer to your visitors at $225 per room and you are adamant you want a $50 per room per day profit.

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