Market analysis assignment

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A. Estimate the time required for your team to conduct the market analysis assignment.
B. Consider the following need statement: Most houses have vents that open and close
manually without any central control. Cities across the country advise the use of
vents to help save energy. In most cases, household occupants do not use the entire
house at the same time; the tendency is to use certain rooms for a long period of
time. For example, the family room and dining room may be used heavily, while
the living room and kitchen are used at certain hours of the day. To cool or heat a
room, the system must work to cool or heat the entire house. Energy saving can be
enhanced if the vents of unused rooms are closed; this will push the hot/cold air to
where it is needed most and will reduce the load of the air conditioning system.
A design team has performed market analysis for this statement but forgot to fill in all
of the information. Gather information from available sources and complete the following
market analysis.
I. The SIC codes that are associated with this design are
(a) Airflow controllers: air conditioning and refrigeration valve manufacturing (students to provide the codes)
(b) Air conditioning units: domestic and industrial manufacturing (provide the
(c) Air ducts: sheet metal 5039
II. Materials used in the industry are (a) Sheet metal (b) (provide the codes)
(c) (provide the codes) d. (provide the codes)
III. Major associations that deal with air conditioning are as follows: (a) Air
Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (b) (provide the codes) (c) (provide the
codes) (d) (provide the codes)
IV. Major companies (a) Trane (b) (provide the codes) (c) (provide the codes)
V. Patent search (a) Sarazen et al., 4,493,456 (b) (provide the codes) (c) (provide
the codes)

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