Managing health improvement

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2020SEM2_AC7027FNN01 : Managing health improvement through social marketing
Assessment Guidance
Assessment Guidance
Word length: 3,000 words (total)
Presentation: 1.5 line spacing, minimum font 11, use subheadings for different sections and PRINT WORD LENGTH at end of work
A 3,000 word individual assignment will be submitted on May 25th 2021
Please submit electronically using turnitin on the elp site under the assessment tab.
 Please ensure that you always keep a copy of your work. 
The assessment is a 3,000 word written structured proposal for a health improvement social marketing intervention which critically analyses management implications and the application of social marketing for health.
The aim of the assignment is to:
Enable students to demonstrate a critical understanding of the main theoretical principles underlying the management and practice of health-related social marketing within a health improvement context.
The proposal should include discussion of:
The key concepts and principles underpinning social marketing for health
Appropriate methodologies and planning processes for developing health improvement related social marketing interventions.
The strengths and limitations of using social marketing as an approach within health improvement.
The management issues associated with the use of social marketing for health.
It is expected that discussion of these points will include:
Critical analysis of the application and management of social marketing techniques and principles in a health improvement context .
Critical analysis of the systematic process of developing, planning and managing health-related social marketing interventions.              
Critical debate of the strengths and limitations and management issues associated with the use of a social marketing approach to tackling key health improvement issues.               
Helpful tips
·        This is a structured proposal so use sub-headings in your assignment to aid structure and coherence
·        Use a planning tool to help structure your work
·        Draw on the extensive range of social marketing literature          
·        Apply theoretical frameworks to actual practice – use examples where possible
·        Check reference citations and listings (Harvard style please)
·        Avoid plagiarism

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