Managing Across International Borders

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Managing Across International Borders CORP 5074
Assessment Brief
Assessment 1- Group Presentation for 15 Minutes – Formative Assessment
Assessment 2 – A report based on a case study of a Multinational Enterprise (MNE)
Word Count – 3500 words, excluding references and appendices
Weight – 100%
50 marks for pass
Deadline: 7thMay 2021.Online submission (12 Noon)
Question: Students are required to select any topic of interest for individual report from the suggested case studies to discuss some issues affecting international Business/MAIB. Your choosing topic of interest must fall under the domain of MAIB or International Business.Further, under your topic, you need to consider some of the following issues: ethical, operational, trade, HR, environmental and cultural issues.
An operational Issue – in Energy Companies and Petroleum companies, (BP, Exxon Mobil, and Shell – poor operation system and Oil leakages, employment of local staff, intuitional issues); pharmaceutical companies – poor practice, collusion, bargaining with the physicians
A Trade or sale issue – Trade War (Huawei – 5G, AppleSanction in China, Steel companies) – larger market and penetration strategy, institutional differences, implications of deals between the US and China
An HRM issue – Employment activities (Child Labor, Women in Employment – gender pay Gap, Employment of people with special needs, and other employment issues/equal opportunity and HR processes)
A cultural issue – Bribery Corruption
An Ethical Issue – CSR, Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion, Naming and Shaming) – Google, Starbucks and Amazon case studies, Falsification of financial report; Environmental issues
Students are allowed to choose one out of the suggested topics for individual report.Also, students are required to highlight the significance of the chosen topic which must be relevant to the context of this module (MAIB and International Business). Further- students are required to support their pointswith relevant frameworks/theories, diagramand statistical evidence.The original document must be your own work and you could use both current and past examples to buttress your arguments / points.
Focus of the Essay
Based on Saleem et al. (2010), country risks in IB/MAIB include:
Harmful or unstable political system
Laws and regulations unfavorable to foreign firms
Inadequate or underdeveloped legal system
Bureaucracy and red tape
Corruption and other ethical blunders
Government intervention, protectionism, and barriers to trade and investment
Institutional environment’ of a country
A report based on a case study of a Multinational Enterprise (MNE)
Identification of a particular problem – the topic must relate to international business / MAIB
Justify the choice of research question/ case study and its relevance to MAIB and International Business
Conduct deep research (extensive literature review) and explain your research findings
Critically analyse possible implications of your case study with the aid of related theories and framework for business
Support your arguments with both theoretical arguments and statistical evidence
Propose possible solutions or recommend ways to solve the problem’s’identified
Reference must be provided, and all claims made in the body of your essay must be supported with evidence from academic journals or textbooks.
Suggested Case Studies
Walmart Failed in Germany
Primark Fires Child Worker Firms
Wendy Failed in Japan
Google is Struggling in China
Why Tesco Failed in the United State
Reasons Starbucks Failed in Australia
Eco Crime: Shell in the Niger Delta
Report Structure
The structure and presentation of your report is important. A good report should consist of a well-written Executive Summary, Introduction, the main body, Conclusion and Recommendation.
Executive Summary (150 Words)
You are required to provide brief information regarding the report or what the report contain in a very short version. This section supposed to contain information that will guide the reader, especially, about the information which will be found in the body of the report.
Introduction(250 Words)
Brief description of the chosen case study’s aim and concepts you intend to discuss in your report. Further, discussion of the rationale why the topic relates MAIB and International Business, definitions of concepts, international Business / MAIB issues identified and the expected lesson to be learnt or possible impacts.
Body (2800 Words)
Literature review – you are required to provide detail information about the chosen topic – i.e. reasons for business failure (operational issues, sales/trade issues, ethical issues. HR issues and unethical behaviours -CSR). Relate your discussion of the chosen case study to appropriate concepts of MAIB / cross-cultural management
Similarly, you are required to discuss application of relevant theory/ies such as institutional theory and frameworks such as Geert Hofstede cultural framework and other related frameworks to buttress your arguments/ discussion.
Support your arguments with diagram, statistical evidences and explanation of country specific risks, institutional issues, cultural issues and how these have impacted on business organisation in your chosen case study. Additionally, use diagram to provide snapshot information and demonstrate your understanding of MAIB and international business
Conclusion (100 Words)
Students are required to provide brief summary of your findings (or reasons why the chosen organisation failed), especially, in the context of a particular country and relate your discussion to theories and frameworks.
Recommendation (200 Words)
Reference to the lessons learnt in your chosen case study, in your own opinion, describe how you intend to manage the problems discussed or identified. Support your arguments with academic evidence.
You should use at least 25 references and use Harvard Referencing style.
Mark Range
Indicates that no fault can be found with the work other than very minor errors, for example typographical, or perhaps failure to satisfy the most challenging and exacting demands of the assessment.
Indicates a very high level of understanding evidenced by an ability to engage critically and analytically with source material. Likely to exhibit independent lines of argument. Only minor errors or omissions.
Judged to be very good, yet not outstanding. May contain minor errors or omissions. A well-developed response showing clear knowledge and the ability to interpret and/or apply that knowledge.
Indicates a sound understanding of basic points and principles but with some failure to express or to apply them properly. Hence the answer is essentially correct, has some errors or omissions, and is not seriously flawed.
Indicates a more limited understanding of basic points and principles, with significant errors and omissions. These errors and omissions, however, do not cast doubt on the basic level of understanding.
Indicates questionable understanding of basic points and principles yet sufficient to show that learning outcomes have been achieved at a rudimentary level.
Indicates an answer that shows only weakly developed elements of understanding. The learning outcomes have been insufficiently realised.
Very little knowledge has been demonstrated and the presentation shows little coherence of material or argument.
Only isolated or no knowledge displayed.
Marking Scheme

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