Management & Information Systems

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BABM Year 1 2020/2021
Management & Information Systems (BBS-4-MIS)
Assessments of the Module
This module will be 100% Coursework assessed.
Formative Assessment:
Formative feedback will be given during lectures and seminars sessions using Business case studies and practical
sessions. This will involve:
 In‐class questioning during the lectures.
 Seminar questions and self‐evaluation during the seminars.
 Completing an individual Blog with at least one post per week, that will support students learning and help
them prepare and complete their summative individual report.
Summative Assessment:
The assignment will be based on a business case that will be chosen for students.
The aim of the assessment is to analyse a business case study and, supported by research, prepare an individual
report, of 2,000 words, to:
 Demonstrate a good understanding of the type and structure of the business.
 Understand and discuss the 21st century challenge the business is facing.
 Analyse and discuss the impact of the proposed IS as part of the business strategy.
Evidenced by research:
 Introduce your business case: (10 Marks)
1. What type of business is it and what does it do and provide?
2. What is the business organisational/management structure?
 Discuss and analyse the challenge the business is facing: (10 Marks)
3. What type of challenge is it?
4. What are the impacts this challenge is having on the business?
 Discuss and analyse the proposed IS solution: (60 Marks)
5. Introduction to the IS solution and its benefits.
6. Impact of the IS solution and its limitations.
7. Ethical and social compliance and its non-compliance issues.
8. Cyber-Security threats and their impact on the business.
9. Human & technological Cyber-Security safeguards.
 Presentation & Structure: (20 Marks)
10. Cover page, content table, sections, word count, images/etc. and references/citations.
Students will need to apply concepts and technical skills learnt in lectures and seminars and develop analytical
and critical skills in the context of Information Systems. The report must have references which will need to be
listed at the end. If you are not sure how to do this you should check the information about LSBU’s Harvard
Referencing available on the Moodle site.
To submit the coursework, students must upload their individual report, as a word file, through the Report
Submission link before 5 pm of Friday the 7th of May 2021.
TurnItIn will be enabled and will check for plagiarism. Copying someone else’s work, copying chunks of text directly
out of a book or cutting and pasting from a web page is plagiarism and will be treated as an assessment offence by
the university.
In order to pass this module, students must achieve a minimum mark of 40% in the individual report. In the event
that a student does not reach the pass mark, another assessment will be required.
Individual Report Marking Rubric
Introduce your business case:
1. Introduce the business, explain what type of business it is and what does it do in terms of
products and/or services.
2. Provide examples of different types of organisational structures and describe what type is
your business case organisational structure.
Identify challenges the business is facing:
3. Describe the challenge the business is facing.
4. Discuss the effects and impacts of the business challenge.
Supported by research, analyse and discuss the implemented IS solution’s:
5. Introduction to the IS solution and its benefits, giving examples.
6. The impact of the IS solution on the business and its limitations.
7. Ethical compliance and issues that could arise from non-compliance.
8. Social compliance and issues that could arise from non-compliance.
9. Cyber-Security threats and their impact on the business.
10. Human/technological cybersecurity safeguards used to counter the above threats.
Presentation, Structure References:
11. Cover page, content table, sections, word count & images/charts/tables/etc.
12. References & in-text citations.

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