Managed care environment

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You will create this assignment following the Assignment Detail instructions below.This assignment will be submitted in the Unit4 – Submission Assignment lesson in intellipath.
Review the tutorial titledHow to Submit the Intellipath Submission Assignment.
Please submit your work to this week’s Intellipath Unit Submission lesson. Click the Upload button within the submission lesson to access the submission area.Click the Select File button to upload your document, and then click “OK” to finish.
Assignment Details
Research and explore managed care plans that require patient care to be managed or at least initially triaged by a primary care provider (e.g., primary-care physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant). Create a 1-page infographic depiction of the flow of care from initial intake through treatment by one or more specialists, as required.
The following are the requirements for this assignment:
Create a 1-page infographic using Microsoft Word wherein you visually communicate the flow of care from initial intake to final assessment in a managed care environment.
In addition to the infographic, include a cover slide/page and a References slide/page.

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