Manage Conflict SITXCOM005

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Zoom Session for Manage Conflict SITXCOM005 29th may to 1st June
Aseessment 1 Q&A
Assessment 2
Part A
 Pdf or in the sheet provided create a roleplay sheet in the word document
Fill the conflict resolution and complaint of all the 3 scenarios in the Appendix B in page 61
Part B Pdf
Based on the role play you have done in the part A evaluate the conflict resolution of the 3 scenarios
Part C ( word document ) for all the 3 tasks it is the same case study
Case study 1- Based in the scenario given for case study you have to prepare the conflict resolution and write a report as per the task information in about 200-300 words (You have 3 resolutions to be made )
Task 1
Task 2
 Task 3
Case study 2 – based on the scenario give find and give the resolution and prepare the report in about 200-300 words ( You have 2 resolutions to be Made)
Task 1
 Task 2
Part D Pdf
prepare the conflict removal from the work place in the given task in the Pdf

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