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This assessment advances students understanding of the main components of good quality research evidence and provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to locate a research article in healthcare. Students will have the opportunity to identify the main features in a research study and to summarise and assess these features in the context of their developing knowledge on evidence-based practice and research methodology.
Instructions This assessment has two parts:
1) Article Summary – Students are to choose one out of the five research articles provided in the Assessment 2 area in Blackboard (a systematic review, a Randomised Controlled Trial, a comparative study, a case report, and a qualitative study) and undertake a summary and analysis of the article using the questions provided below.
2) Article Retrieval – Students must also demonstrate their own search for a research article.
Part 1, Article Summary Students must provide a brief summary and analysis of their chosen article, answering the following eight questions:
Why was this study undertaken, 2. What were the alms or hypotheses? 3. Who were the study participants and do they match the population?
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