M20593 Project Investig…

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M20593 Project Investig…
PRISM Assignment
This assignment has one artefact
Justified research methodology proposal of 3000 words
Submit a 3000 word detailed research proposal fully justified. Please read the full assignment brief in this folder
Having chosen a research topic, you should complete the following parts:
Introduction a. Provide a title and background • Background: a brief overview of the topic or problem, including your motivation for selection of this research topic 2. Literature review, drawing on some key pieces of topic-related literature, explain why researching the topic or problem is important using knowledge and understanding of key theories/models from Project Management or related domains. In addition to this you can provide a table in the Appendix summarizing at least 7-10 sources that your research will draw on to justify your research context and design decisions. The table should have columns for aims/objectives of paper, topics discussed and any areas identified for future research. Based on this table, you can present the possible area that your research will face based on a gap or suggestion in existing literature. An example is in enclosed in the folder b. Overall research question(s), aim(s) and objective(s): these should be clear, succinct and specific. They should also be related to Project
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