LSBM200 – AS2 HI5004 Marketing Management MSc Management with Streams PHC208 Primary Health Care in the Community Practical Scie…

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LSBM200 – AS2
Assignment 2 Report – to be submitted by 3 p.m. 5th January 2021. Overall
AS2 components carries 80% Weighting. Word Count: 2500 words
This is an individual report
Title page
Module code, Module name, Assessment title, submission
date and your ID
Contents page
(Table of Contents)
Headings, sub-headings, pages numbers and numbered
1.0 Introduction
• Introduce the topic: Explain briefly what your topic is about,
for example give a definition and explain that it is an
important tool/technique for successful digital marketing
• Introduce the report: Explain that you are going to discuss the
topic in more detail, showing how it has been used by
businesses as part of their digital marketing strategies. In
addition, you should mention that you are going to evaluate
the use of the tool/technique in the Simbound digital
marketing simulation game.
2.0 Main Body
(Do not use “Main body” as
your section title) – Instead,
present your own title for the
section depending on your
chosen topic.
Discussion of the topic (1000 words)
(Survey of current Industry practices and tools)
In this section you should discuss the topic in detail, explaining how
it relates to other Digital Marketing tools and techniques and giving
real life, current examples. A possible structure is as follows:
– Overview: what is the technique, why is it used and what are the
benefits of using it
– How does the technique work, for example in SEM what are the
factors affecting the algorithms, in email how is it underpinned
by AI and automation (these are examples and not instructions
about what you have to write).
– Use examples and show screenshots of how the tool/technique is
used to illustrate your answer. Do not overload your report with
illustrations – make references to the illustrations in your writing
where appropriate.
– For guidance on examples on how to use illustrations look at the
lecture slides.
(Students should cite sources consistently)
LSBM200 – AS2
2.0 Main Body
(950 words)
Simbound (950 words)
(Your own experience of Simbound)
In this section you need to discuss Simbound and evaluate it as to
how it helped you understand the topic. For example, how did the
game help you to understand PPC and driving paid search results to
your landing pages? If your topic was SEM.
In this section you can use screenshots from Simbound to illustrate
your answer. It is ok to use the screenshots your group prepared for
the presentations.
(Students should cite sources consistently)
3.0 Conclusions
(250 words)
Your conclusion should repeat the purpose of the report and explain
what you have discovered. A good conclusion will also point towards
what businesses can do in future or refer to new techniques that are
currently being developed or are in use.
Guidance & Hints
– Ensure your tutors see your drafts before the X’mas Break
– Reflect on the Business Decisions you made, The results and what
you learnt.
– Use all credible sources made available on Canvas such as:
– etc.
Word Count
The assignment should be presented as an MS-Word document, If
any other format is presented in Turnitin, students will be
penalized for not following instructions. (No Pdfs)
Any wordcount more than 2500 will not be marked – This means
marking will stop at 2750 words. Any response outside this number
will not be included for grading.
LSBM200 – AS2
Minimum of 12 references
Harvard style of referencing expected.
If necessary

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