Low-Poly Kitchen & Product – Modeling & Texturing

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A4 – Low-Poly Kitchen & Product – Modeling & Texturing – Week 11 – 25% Model a kitchen/dining area. Produce UVs, textures and materials for your models.
Create a low-poly kitchen/dining area for your food items from Assignment 2 & 3.
Monday Class: Due Sunday Mar 21’t, 11:30pm Tuesday Class: Due Monday Mar 22″d, 11:30pm
Import your top/plan view blueprint as an image plane, scale it to match the size of your environment. Using polygon primitives block out the major volumes to represent proportions to scale and roughly compose your scene.
Topology should be light and clean, there shouldn’t be any n-gons, or non-manifold geometry. The object/objects should be appropriately detailed and defining edges should have supporting edges. We should be able to apply Smooth Mesh Preview to the assets without losing any volume.
When modeling, turn on the wireframe on shaded view, take multiple screenshots of your work in progress from the same camera angle every 20-30 minute interval. Keep your scene organized and your outliner clean.
Produce UVs and textures for any primary or secondary assets in your environment as needed. Produce UV Snapshots for the UV unwrapped product/object. Export your UV Snapshots from Maya, use Photoshop to create textures.
Set up 5-8 render cameras. Look through each render camera, enable the Resolution Gate, Gate Mask, Safe Action, and Safe Title in the viewport to frame your composition. Set keyframes so the render camera doesn’t move, take screenshots of your framing & compositions. 3D Visualization 1 – INTR 1011 ,zzy — ismamsastmd@georgebrown C3

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