Low Impact Manufacturing

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Faculty of Technology — Course work Specification 2020/21
Module name: Low Impact Manufacturing Module code: ENGT5220 Title of the Assignment: Assignment B – The Circular Economy This coursework item is: (delete as Summative Formative appropriate) This summative coursework will be marked anonymously Yes I No The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework demonstrate: 1. A systematic understanding of the activities of industrial organisations at all points of the product life-cycle from raw material extraction to disposal and a critical awareness of current approaches to mitigating associated environmental impacts. 2. A comprehensive understanding of assessment and analysis techniques that can be applied to the student’s own research into ways to reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption of industrial organisations. 3. A conceptual understanding of the energy requirements of the components of common industrial processes such as motors. pumps, heaters and compressors that will allow students to critically evaluate research methodologies and outputs from a range of related academic disciplines. 4. Originality in tackling the problems of meeting consumer demand for products and associated services in a competitive globalised industrial context while minimising the associated life-cycle energy consumption 5. The qualities and transferable skills necessary for employment in tomorrow’s low-carbon industries, specifically the skills of decision making in unpredictable situations and the ability to research and learn independently, required for CPD. This coursework is: (delete as appropriate) I Individual I Gra. If other or a mixed … explain here: This coursework constitutes 70% of the overall module mark. Date Set: Date & Time Due: I29th January 2021 26.’ May 2021 at 17:00 Your marked coursework and feedback will be available to you on: If for any reason this is not forthcoming by the due date your module leader will let you know why and when it can be expected. The Head of Studies (rghedmii or iik) 24th June 2021 should be informed of any issues relating to the return of marked coursework and feedback. When completed you are required to submit your coursework to: 1. Blackboard via Turnitin. Late submission of coursework policy: Late submissions will be processed in accordance with current University regulations which state: ‘the time period during which a student may submit a piece of work late without authorisation and have the work capped at 40% [50% at PG level) if passed is 14 calendar days. Work submitted unauthorised more than 14 calendar days after the original submission date will receive a mark of 0%. These regulations apply to a student’s first attempt at coursework. Work submitted late without authorisation which constitutes reassessment of a previously failed piece of coursework will always receive a mark of 0%.- Academic Offences and Bad Academic Practices: These include plagiarism, cheating, collusion, copying work and reuse of your own work, poor referencing or the passing off of somebody else’s ideas as your own. If you are in any doubt about what constitutes an academic offence or bad academic practice you must check with your tutor. Further information and details of how DSU can support you, if needed, is available at: httn•//www Amu or iik/dmu-stdents/the-stiident-aatowav/acadernir-siinnort-afireforadomir-offences.aso, and htt ://www Amu ac uk/Amu-st dontsitho-sti dont-aatowav/aradornir-s nort-offiro/had-acadomic-

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