Lean Startup is not Lean Manufacturing

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tli 2:36 pm 9. Don’t forget – Lean Startup is not Lean Manufacturing or the Toyota Production System – MVP, Persona, prototypes belong with Lean Startup and Design Thinking. 10. Then it comes to REQUIREMENTS – if you aren’t sure what all falls into the bucket of requirements in Agile, please go and revisit Module 3.2 and the slide pack. The concept list is not ordered, it is up to you to find an order that supports your group in telling the story of agile and if you combine concepts together to show their relationship and how they work together, even better yet! THIS IS HOW YOU SHOW YOUR HIGHER ORDER THINKING at a Master’s level. And if you are digging in Googlescholar trying to find articles – sure, that is the cherry on top for us. But really, we are more interested in ensuring that if you find yourself in an Agile environment after you graduate that you are 0 C)

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