LAW2110 European Union Law

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SCHOOL OF LAWMIDDLESEX UNIVERSITYEXAMINATION PAPERAcademic Year 2020-21 (RESIT/DEFERRAL AUGUST SESSION)LAW2110European Union LawDr Joelle Grogan | Professor Laurent PechTime allowed: 5 hoursThis exam paper does not require morethan the initial time allocated to thisexam to be completed. The extra time youhave been provided with to account for theextra steps exams taken remotely require.Instructions to candidates: Students must answer THREE questionsfrom the exam paper released at 9am (UK)on 18 August 2021N.B. Students must answer SEENQUESTION 1 (compulsory question to befound in PART A of this paper) and TWOUNSEEN questions from Part B.A higher standard of knowledge,analysis and presentation will beexpected in the answer to the seenquestion than to the unseen questions inthe examinationAll questions carry equal marksMaximum word count: 1,200 words per questionText above 10% of the word count willnot be graded
Candidates must submit their exam answers via Turnitin WITHIN the exam time.This is an OPEN BOOK EXAM. However, Students MAY NOT CONSULT orDISCUSS THE CONTENT of this exam with ANY PERSON WHOMSOEVER.
For the purpose of this exam, assume the law is as it stood on 31December 2020.PART A – ANSWER QUESTION 1 (COMPULSORY QUESTION)Seen Question 1:Vindolanda – a fictional EU Member State – wishes to discourage immigration fromother EU Member States. To achieve this goal, the Prime Minister of Vindolandaproposes the adoption of the following four measures:(1) The introduction of a new requirement for jobseekers from other EU Member Statesto prove they can speak Vindolandian – a form of ancient Latin spoken only inVindolanda – before they enter the country;(2) The introduction of a new rule whereby any EU citizen who is yet to find a job withinsix months of entering and residing in Vindolanda must leave the country immediately;(3) The introduction of an absolute three-year ban on claiming any state benefits, suchas tax credits, for EU citizens working in Vindolanda either as employees or selfemployed persons;(4) The imposition of a new requirement which would prevent EU citizens working inVindolanda (or planning to work there) from bringing their non-EU spouse or partnerwith them unless they can prove they have been residing together in the EU citizens’countries of origin for a period of at least one year.The Prime Minister of Vindolanda has hired you to advise him on the compatibility ofthe above-mentioned proposals with EU Law as it stands on 31 December 2020.Please ensure that you support your answer by citing relevant provisions of EUprimary and secondary law as well as relevant EU cases.

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