issue of renovating a school classroom

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Classroom construstion refit: 1
Project Charter 1
Contents 2
Signatures and Commitment 2
Distribution List 2
Alteration History 2
Title 4
Background 4
Solution 4
Objectives 4
Milestone Schedule 5
Budget Estimates 5
Signatures and Commitment
We, the undersigned approved this document and agree with its contents
Brett Smith
CEO, Classroom construction group

John Doe
Project Manager

Arthur Daly

Distribution List
Brett Smith
CEO, Classroom construction group
John Jones
CFO, Classroom construction group
Mary Queenascots
HR, Classroom construction group
Arthur Daly
Alteration History
John Doe
Document Creation
John Doe
Adjustments to costs

Executive Summary
Exec summary should be a summary of the content of this document. Do this last.
Arthur Long has requested The Classroom Construction Group to renovate a classroom.
The Project proposed endeavours to solve the issue of renovating a school classroom on school grounds within the Revesby area, it will incorporate clearing the existing space laying flooring, painting the walls, and setting up the computer hub in the classroom.
The Classroom construction group (CCG) are aware of the assumptions and constraints the workers are aware of the disability students and have placed extra precautions to protect them and themselves.
The project is to be completed by February 18th,2022 at a cost of $15,500 based on the school’s budget and the cost accounting method.
State the problem (or opportunity)
Client (Jim Smith) has purchased a block of land due south of Lithgow, Lot 23 on the Bowenfels Rd. It is unimproved and has no storage. It has a trout stream, and would make an excellent weekend passtime…
Storage Sheds are what Sheds R Us specialise in…
Business Needs
Why is the client doing this project? Why are we doing this project?
In order to use the property Jim needs a storage facility for tools, fishing gear etc. He stays in the Pub at South Bowenfels…
Project Justification
Reasons for doing the project – align it with the organisation’s goals.
As classroom renovator designer and builder, we need to?
Solution – Scope description
Describe the project
Build Jim a shed on his property after removing the 2 trees on the shed site. It will require a concrete slab, and painting. Enclose the block with a fence.
Project Objectives & Success Criteria
The main objectives of the project
4 or 5
The steps the team will move through to complete the project
Use the actual things you will deliver, or achieve – In order is best
In SMART Format
The following objectives of the project show the stages and achievements through the project. As completed they will show progress towards project success.
Clear the Land: Remove the two trees on the shed site, rip out the shrubs, and mow the grass on the block to prepare the site for construction by Feb 5, 2016
Lay a concrete slab 4m X 6.5m X 200mm, grade A concrete, 10m in from the front boundary, 5m in from the west boundary (as per provided plans) by Feb 12, 2016
Erect the Shed (Bunnings Shed Kit # 3456), silicon seals, bolted to the slab, lockable by Feb 19, 2016
Paint the Shed (Cream with white doors and roof), 1 X undercoat, 1 X top coat, extra UV coat on roof by Feb 26, 2016
Build a fence around the perimeter – timber corner posts, star posts between, 3 strands wire + barbed wire on top by Feb 26, 2016

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Assumptions – things you assumed to write the document
The following assumptions have been made in the preparation of this document.
Access to the site for the delivery truck
The project has School and Council approval.
Exclusions and Constraints
Constraints – things that change the way you normally operate
Certain constraints have been noted as requested by the client…
Risk Assessment
Risks that are particular to this project, and are know at this stage – this is not the full risk assessment
Renovations are during school period, there is a special need because disability students are around, and extra signs and fencing off is needed
The price of materials may increase if the covid pandemic continues
Project Deliverables
A list of the things the client will expect at the end of the project
Criteria for acceptance
The key stakeholders who are sponsoring this project cannot reject the project on arbitrary conditions. There should be acceptance sign-off on the initiation of each department methods. All the communication between stakeholders and project lead should be transparent and documented to avoid confusion—a sample draft attached as sign-off form.
Milestone Schedule
We have already mentioned the dates above, so this is a little repetition
Include a project completion date
Completion Date
Land Cleared
5 Feb 2016
Slab Laid
12 Feb 2016
Shed Erected
16 Feb 2016
Shed Painted
26 Feb 2016
Fence Completed
26 Feb 2016
Project Completed
26 Feb 2016
Budget Estimate
This is an estimate of the cost of the project (to the client)
as little more than a one liner
It must be very accurate (even though you have not worked out your plan as yet)
The cost to the Client for this project is: $12,345
Project costs have been calculated assuming that the project will go ahead in the specified timeframe, and under normal conditions. If the project is delayed the costs may change. (Larson et al, 2014, p135)
Financial Analysis
A paragraph or so to explain the calculations – often this is more applicable to internal projects)
Financial calculations are based on figures quoted for the work…
NPV = $4860
RoI = 6.5%
Payback Period = 3 years and 2 months.
See attached spreadsheets for calculations.
Calculations from Jones (2010, p25).
Reference List
Larson, E., Hoing, B., Gray, C., Dantin, U., & Baccarini, D. (2014). Project management: The managerial process. North Ryde, Australia: McGraw-Hill Education.
Jones, P. (2010) Financial Calculations for Project Managers Sydney, Australia: Ficticious Publishers Pty Ltd
Smith, J. (2013) Cost Accounting for Project Managers Pearson, Sydney, Australia
Quote page numbers where appropriate
Usually only cite scholarly documents.

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