Is Hiking Pay and Fueling Land

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After reading the assigned Week 1 Chapters, complete the following Case Assignment in a Microsoft Word Document using APA 7th ed. Format. Do not submit your assignment in PDF format.
Please read Bloomberg Case in the News, “Amazon Effect” Is Hiking Pay and Fueling Land Rush in U.S., pages 27-28 in the textbook, and answer the corresponding questions (1-3) that follow it.
Type all answers in a Microsoft Word Document set up in APA format, and submit it via the assignment link above by Sunday at 11:59 PM ET. Please use the APA 7th ed. format APA Paper Template provided.  CLICK HERE FOR THE APA 7th ed. FORMAT TEMPLATE
Please read each question carefully and answer all the questions in their entirety. It is required to support your responses with information from the sources you used.
Please note: It is required to provide all the sources you used in your reference list in correct APA 7th ed. format. It is also required to cite all the information you provided from your sources in correct APA 7th ed. format using parenthetical and/or narrative citations.
Please read and follow the grading rubric below in an effort to earn full credit for your work.

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