Irrigation control

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1.You have been assigned the task of examining a number of large flood gates installed in 1931 for irrigation control at a remote site on the Indus River in Pakistan. Several large steel bolts appear to have developed cracks, and you have decided that they should be replaced to avert a potentially serious failure of one or more of the flood gates. Your Pakistani assistant has examined flood gate specifications, and has found that the original bolts may be well characterized as 32-mm mediumcarbon quenched and tempered steel bolts, of property class 8.8. You have brought with you only a limited number of replacement bolts in this size range, some of which are SAE Grade 7, and others that are ASTM Class A325, type 3. Which, if either, of these replacement bolts would you recommend as a substitute for the cracked originals? Justify your recommendation.

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